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June 27th, 2004 1 comment

It’s so nice to have my computer up and running again. At this apartment, I had to work pff the one “resident” computer here. There’s only 1 IP on the account, and I couldn’t get my firewall working. I finally got it running and doing DHCP, so now I have a “proper” box to work with. It’s amazing how foreign someone else’s computer can feel.

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June 18th, 2004 4 comments

I’m looking at an apartment on Monday. One of the guys I know from the club (Dano) has been looking for a place for a while, but hasn’t had any prospective roommates. I’m glad to be rooming with someone I know rather than some random person. The place is really nice too. ~1100sqft to split, 2 bed, 2 bath, in-room washer, central air, etc. There’s also a clubhouse with a 24/7 fitness center, a pool, and even a movie theatre you can reserve time in. you can hook up a computer and whatnot. see also: rally vids. It’s right at the intersection of 290 and 495. like literally right there. Locals will know this as a very good location for getting anywhere in the meaningful sections of MA (anything east of Worcester =P).

getting pretty psyched. this could be a kickass place.

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June 16th, 2004 6 comments

LJ stats thingy. because everyone else is doing it. That and I have no material of value to post. Thank all your lucky stars there are car clubs to contain my various automotive ramblings :p



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June 14th, 2004 6 comments

Unusually productive weekend… Installed stainless brake lines in the SVX, changed the oil over to mobil 1, and prepped the car to install the ECU chip & shift kit. Changed the brake pads and rotors on my brother’s Acura to boot. didn’t do any pushups, but did a larger than normal amount of physical activity. and htat always feels nice.

once I get this chip and shift kit installed, t3h svx will be fast4R

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Stolen from OT

June 2nd, 2004 7 comments

originally posted by Makenzie71 on the RX7 club

…best sign I’ve ever gotten to clean my room…

So I got “Fluffy the One Lipped Vagina” (have no idea where the title came from) in the DVD player and am going at it. Before I finnish I realize that I had not arranged something to aim at/in to keep things clean…but there’s an old bag across the room, in which I had brought home two bottles of V8 splash for vodka mixing (promptly tossing on the floor upon emptying).

So I wait til the last second before I try to lunge across the room to make it to the bag so as not to make a mess. Upon standing I step on an empty V8 splash bottle and my left leg promptly leaves the area. I’m sent, twisted and obviously hurt, back into the wall where I bang my head on a piece of thread bar I had hanging up for some unknown reason.

My head is aching…my left ankle is quite twisted and is hurting a great deal…it’s amazing that during the mishap I mahaged to hang onto “myself” and not lose concentration on the task at hand…set back a bit but still going. I push off the wall and start hobbling towards the empty paper bag once again…and, once again, I manage to step on the SAME V8 Splash bottle, only this time my leg zips back behind me and I land nose first on the other V8 Splash bottle which sent a nice array of blood and snot in various directions. I then jizzed all over myself.

I think god wants me to stop masturbating…

thought I’d share

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