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The state of things

July 28th, 2005 9 comments

What has Igg been up to? Flavor behind the cut. If you dare. I’m glaring at the screen with an evil eye as I type this. That’s how you know this cut means business.


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I’m alive!

July 28th, 2005 5 comments

T3h my plane landed in Florida and all was well. if a little hot and humid. They gave out an infinite amount of oversalted peanuts and crappy pretzels while we waited and watched them work on the engine. When the plane taxied into the gate, I guess the engine was leaking hydraulic fluid of some flavor or another. They put a pan under the engine to catch the fluid and opened the engien housing to fiddle with the magic bits inside that make the plane worky. At this point, something large and metal falls out of the engine and into the pan, spraying everyone with hydraulic fluid. dispite the potentially dire consequences of such a thing, everyone couldn’t help but laugh a little. then we get the call that the flight will be delayed further. This is when they roll out the free munchies/soda and blankets. We eventually got on the plane at around 9:30 (which is not the same thing as 5:00 when we were supposed to. you can even check the math if you want).

I finally got to FL at 12:30 or so, I want to say. I was a little groggy from sleeping on the plane. I woke up about 30 mins out from the airport, and had the pleasure of seeing a large thunderstorm from above. Snakes of electricity would dance across the cloud canopy. It was quite stunning to watch. We landed safely without anything falling off or leaking (much to everyone’s surprise).

I could have used more time down there (and I say that with more emphasis than usual), even though I ended up missing my plane (what’s new, really).

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I’m using the internet!!!

July 23rd, 2005 7 comments

“Attention passengers waiting for flight 2026 to west palm beach, the plane scheduled for this flight has been taken out of service. We will be getting a plane from the hanger that was undergoing maintenance, having an engine replaced. Once they are done making sure the engine functions, they will send it to the gate for us”.

Not the most comforting thing I’ve heard while waiting at an airport terminal. Oh well, I’ve had a good run.

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July 21st, 2005 4 comments

I’m sitting in a cone of darkness. Normally my workplace is well lit, even during 3rd shift. In fact, most of the ops center here is still well lit. except my little area. Every light in the ceiling is working…. except the one over me. I sit in a cone of darkness. Lit only by the soft glow of my screens (and, I suppose, the ambient light from the dozens of other light fixtures), I go about my task. I feel no fear or hesitation due to my environment. I own this cone of darkeness. it does MY bidding.

True story.

…Oh damn I need coffe.

…DARK coffee.

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