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January 19th, 2006 4 comments

I just got Gelb by Neuroticfish. It’s good lovin. I recommend it to any of you industrial/ebm junkies. In one of the tracks he starts out with the old 56k modem handshake tone… then goes on to mix and sample it into the track. Geek . I love that crunchy sound and miss it on broadband. If I was physically capable of making that sound, I’d do it before starting any conversation. I mean, how else would people know I was ready to talk, right?

In other news… I think certain assertions I wish to make would be better recieved were they less ethereal. In an entry yesterday I said, “Believe me my disdain for you is unique and special like a perfect snowflake.” in reference to a company I have a particular sore side for. They continue to be a bane of my shift at work. Also much like a snowflake, if my disdain for you were giant and made of metal I would beat you with it.

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January 18th, 2006 4 comments

It rained “like woah” today. As if the man upstairs had something to prove. When I got home from running errands like a good domesticated little bitch, there was a giant fucking rainbow out. IT was pretty cool actually. huge bright rainbow with a very visible secondary halo. The crazy stormclouds were moving in front and behind it as if in fast-motion photography. pretty neat scene. I stood and appreciated it in a very masculine, heterosexual way as to not diminish my manliness.

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January 18th, 2006 1 comment

Very rarely does work really piss me off. Tonight was an exception. Even when the “cocksaw” event came in, it didn’t make me smirk like usual. There’s a company out there, we’ll call them “Equity Two”, that are a bunch of real pricks about their circuits going down. We monitor the connections from the remote sites to the main site. There’s this whole song and dance we have to do any time one of those connections goes down and comes back up. Even if it bounces for like 20 seconds at 3:00am. We have to build up a ticket and chase telco to find a reason for the outage. Telco can’t find a reason for outage on a 20 second interruption. there’s simply nothing to test. If an RFO can’t be found we have to make them put the circuit in for testing the next night during their set test window. They always come back and tell us the circuit tested clean because, you know, there was never a problem in the first place. It’s the internet, gremlins abound. fucking deal, shit might go down for a few seconds. This is the only company that does this, and they are FAR from the most “important” by any measure. and it’s all to save a few pennies at the end of the month. gg. Remind me to send you hatemail at Christmas, I’ll take care to write it in as eloquent and personal a manner as I can. Believe me my disdain for you is unique and special like a perfect snowflake.

UPDATE – Since I started this entry, I’ve had to open 3 new tickets. This is going to be a good week.

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January 7th, 2006 3 comments

So there’s this telco company we call a lot. We’ll just call them something unassuming like “Sprint” so I don’t have to use their real name. The call center is clearly in the south, since the majority of the people we talk to there have a deep southern accent. It’s always the same crowd, about 20 of them. There’s one little gem among them that stands out from the rest though.

I pick up the phone and hear a sort of nasal male voice on the other end. “Thank you for calling Sprint,”… the names are cycling through my head. Will it be Bill? Jim? Frank?… “This is Monica”. O_o… come again? Monica. Here at the NOC, we call her “Manica” because she sounds deceptively male. Every time I hear her, my brain twists and contorts in impossible ways. Even after talking to her for 10 minutes or so about a ticket, my brain refuses to believe she is a woman. I half expect her to say “By the way this is Bob, lol” at the end of the call.

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January 7th, 2006 4 comments

So I’m moving to 1st shift. neat, eh? It’ll be wed-fri, 7am-3pm and saturday 7am-7pm. so I get sunday monday tuesday off. AND I get all my nights to myself. AND I get to sleep at night. such strange notions! I will have to live and breathe side by side with norms!

I’ll be going on second shift (3p-11p) in a couple weeks, then I’ll move to first shortly thereafter.

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