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August 27th, 2003 14 comments

It’s just a small personal opinion of mine.. and maybe it’s a bad one… I really think separation of church and state should be forced upon all governments that want to participate in civilized society. religion has its place, but it’s place is not to give those that rule powers beyond what they should have.

I thank religion for giving us the basis for our morals and ethics. we’ve been given a good model, and we’re constantly amending it with reason. for example, most morals can be jsutified using a logical ethical code and do not require the defense of “because God says so.” the Golden Rule does not require a religious defense to stand up to an ethical debate. it is logical. the amending process comes when an ethical process is not quite logical or is questioned, and the only defense can be found in “because God says so.” Our ethics can, for the most part, be defended with the “gos says so” arguement, but do not REQUIRE that arguement. we can use logic and common sense.

Also, I think governments should be forced to answer to any crimes they commit against humanity. everyone should be allowed life liberty and the persuit of happiness. and it’s not arrogant for me to say that even though it’s my country that thinks the same thing. I think those are basic human rights. I don;t see why someone shouldn’t be allowed those. I haven’t met a person that could, or even wanted to, argue that with me. accordingly, any government who would reccommend, ore even endorse, or even allow a 2-year-old to be stoned to death should be removed from power with as much force and quickness as possible. reference: index.html

maybe I’m on my high horse. maybe there;s something to all this that I’m not seeing. maybe it’s a tragedy, I don;t know. I can’t prove that God does not exist. it wouldn;t be scientific of me to say that. no good scientist will ever rule something out 100%. I will say that the degree of uncertainty is very small. religion can explain everything around us with the blanket statement of “God makes it so.” we can explain most everything around us with Science as well, and none of those explainations require religion in any way. we don’t have 100% of the phenomena out there covered yet but we’re working on it.


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August 22nd, 2003 6 comments

it makes me sad to think I might never work on a collider. High-energy physics is what I love to do. how many times do you hear that. science consumes me. and it sucks that all I can do is read Feynman in my spare time and daydream about how cool it would be to be doing what I love. I’m stuck doing pharma or IT bitchwork. who knows if I’ll ever get a Ph.D, and wether I’ll ever practice what I love to do. at least I’m working, I guess. I just found a job playing with acoustic microscopes. whopty-shit, right? like anyone ever made a difference with an acoustic microscope. I want to play at CERN. I want to smash things together and see what comes of it. I want to be on the team that sees the first supersymmetric particle, or higgs particle. high-energy particle physics just screams at me.

I just finished “the pleasure of finding things out” by Richard Feynman. I have as much jealousy as I do repect for that man. who the hell was ever jealous of a physicist? maybe I have issues. Maybe I just need to be happy with my lot and see what comes of it.


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August 22nd, 2003 5 comments

A conversation posted on the club:

So this girl at work I’m me with the following. Thought I’d share the frustration.

Her: hey there, how are you?
Her: I bought a car

Me nah uh
Me which one

Her: I ordered the 2004 mini cooper S, dark silver with a black top

Me what happened to your vw?
Me AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Her: nothing I am trading it in
Her: 🙂
Her: hehe
Her: I am SOOOOO excited
Her: I get it in like 8 weeks!

Me: wow you didn’t want one that was already in stock?

Her: nah, they only had green 2003, not supercharged
Her: no fun

Me no fun
Me you realise the one you are getting is a little sports car

Her: uh?

Me it handles extremely well and is very fast

Her: they said it was a 6 speed, I dont know what that means, but I am sure it is cool

Me did you test drive one

Her: nope
Her: never even been in one

Me what’d you do buy it on amazon or something!
Me thats pretty cool

Her: haha, nah i just called a dealer in VA beach and said this is what I want, get me it

Me its gonna be alot faster and better than your bug

Her: oh really?
Her: I didnt know that
Her: oh well

people like that frighten me. I pray she is never in any position of power of any sort. it’s not the actuality of her actions but the methodology.

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