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July 29th, 2003 3 comments

So one of these days the Impreza may go. every now and again I decide it would be best to sell it. Generally when I’m unemployed 😀 . now is one of those times. one of these days she might actually sell too.

when she does I’ll need a new car. something cheap. I’ve got a couple ideas.

Subaru SVX – around 3 grand for the ’92. very fast out of the box. little possible in the way of mods. Subaru already modded them pretty heavily. Nitrous and turbo are the only worthwhile things that can be done to them. little 5-10hp mods just don’t express themselves as an increase in power or torque when your baseline is 240 hp and 230 lbft of torque. still, a very nice highway car, and a lot of fun to cruise around in.

Nissan 240SX – 1000-3000 for the -91-’93 models. those were had the benefit of the updgraded engine. it’s a 2.4 litre 4-banger pushing 155hp to the rear wheels. not great, but I’d be getting this car with an engine swap in mind. The most popular is the SR20DET (2-liter turbo) swap from a japanese silvia or the like. very common, simple swap. certainly very potent. the other possibility is the more powerful RB25DET (2.5 liter 6-cylinder turbo) engine from a japanese Skyline. This makes the car into somewhat of a monster. it would satisfy my skyline boner at least for the time being. so this is a very appealing possibility. get by on the stock 240SX engine with a few bolt-ons till I can afford an engine swap.

Toyota MR2 – same price range. 3-grand-ish. 93 or 94. the turbo model is pretty nice. it’s little, it’s got t-tops, and it’s turbo. not much more needs to be said.

the other possibility is to get something really cheap like an XT6 or something for a while and save up for a WRX engine to drop into Prity’s car. the WRX engine in the older Impreza bodies is viscious.

so that’s what I got for now. word.


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July 29th, 2003 4 comments

so I wanna give a shout out to Sean. I’m listed on his blog at . So I figured I’d return the favor. this is the famous Sean of . so that’s what I got.

In other news, I finally got broadband and got my arse out of the primative world of dial-up. so here I am. are you impressed? you should be.


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