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January 31st, 2008 1 comment

Love internet radio. A good friend of mine lives in Calgary. We’ll both be doing our own things in our own way, and randomly one of us will IM the other “dude, I love this track”, and the other replies “I know, man”. Then we’ll talk for a few minutes about it, and go on about our business. At X:YZ time of night we’re both usually listening to afterhours radio ( Various flavors of trance. It’s good lovin. Another favorite of mine is the synthpop stream over at . Either way, I love internet radio and can’t wait till they devise some scheme to get it into cars or portable music players of some flavor. I’ve seen what satellite radio has to offer and I’m not impressed. But get me and in some portable form and we’ll talk.

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More like LOLatics

January 25th, 2008 2 comments

I was in an airport yesterday and, despite my best efforts, overheard a clip of a speech Obama was giving somewhere. He was rebutting against some sort of rumor that he was a Muslim, and stating he was brought up as a good and proper Christian of some flavor. At which point the audience cheers. If you’re a politician, have any faith you want. Faith isn’t a bad thing. But it has no place in a political setting. I shouldn’t know what faith a politician follows unless I do some digging and look it up. It’s a firm opinion of mine that faith and religion should not be allowed to be mentioned during a political campaign. Decisions that affect everyone in a city/state/country should never ever ever be brought about with influence from one’s faith or the faith of those it will affect. So electing someone should not have anything to do with their faith or yours. Yelling “Christianity!” in the deep south is like a rock band yelling “Boston!” when playing at the Garden (or whatever bank it is that owns it nowadays). You’re looking to buy votes with your faith. And that’s not cool. It degrades your platform, and (in my humble opinion) makes the voter’s ballot worthless.

I’m going to keep writing people in on my ballots until a candidate comes along who declares he’s an atheist, or never mentions religion at all. I want the decision maker I elect to make decisions based on what is best for the people, as decided by logic. This year my vote is split between Feynman (don’t care if he’s dead, I’d still pick him) or Cthulhu. I really can’t pick. Any feedback on this is appreciated.

PS – I know I’ll get some flak for not picking a real candidate, but I can’t pick among any of them in good conscience. Please do “bring it” though, it should be talked about imo.

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Not dead (yet)

January 18th, 2008 1 comment

My apologies, internet. I’ve neglected you. I’m usually pretty busy around the holidays and this year has been no exception. My parents gave me the gift of green this year, which is becoming an increasingly reasonable gift to give. I tend to want stranger things the older I get. This year I embraced my inner geek and got some New firewall hardware. The device I was using worked more or less fine, but was an abomination. I was tired of being asked “oh god, what’s that thing?!” every time someone saw it. Ok so it’s not that ugly, but this is LESS less ugly. And I was tired of running a separate wireless device.

I’ve been geeking out a little more than usual lately, and it’s partly to blame for my absence. At home I’ve set up a monitoring system similar to what we have at work. Why would anyone want to bother with something like that? It makes a nice sandbox to learn in. I need to get pretty ninja at what I do if I really want to end up where I’m headed at work. So I’m teaching myself all kinds of ridiculously nerdy stuff in my spare time. I like my field and I like my career path, so I need to make sure I kick it’s ass and don’t fall to the side in a mess of mediocrity.

That’s all I’ve got for now, internet. I hope we’re cool. I’ll be around, you know I will.

PS – The car isn’t fixed yet, but I’ve narrowed down my shop choices. It drives more or less fine. no big.

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