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July 21st, 2002 4 comments

So I’m in the market for an SVX again. Since Prity and I are getting a house, I’ll need to cut down a little on the car payments and insurance. I’m looking to spend between 4 and 5 grand on a Subaru SVX. And that’ll leave me another grand to blow on mods, and the rest will be saved into a cushion account.

Brian, you and I talked about me selling the car before and I was a little more… resistant. However, I think getting a house is a worthwhile thing. We’ll be getting my grandparents’ place next to my place in Sterling. 258,000. It would normally sell for around 300,000. We’re getting a great deal.

But I think I can see myself with one of those SVXs. I looked over the stats again. I’m looking at the ones from ’92. the LS-L model. Thankfully it’s the most abundant too 😀 . 0-60 of around 6.9, almost in the 14’s for the 1/4 mile, and top speed of 155 mph. not bad for 5 grand. I just have to toss on a tranny cooler and be careful of the rear bearings.


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July 1st, 2002 1 comment

The following site is supplied for all your evil needs. used it wisely. Brian, I know you’ll like this. Be sure to check out superweapons.


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