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November 4th, 2002 3 comments

I finally ran in an event. a bunch of the New England Impreza Club (NESIC) guys went up to Killington for the weekend. There was a TSD (time/speed/distance) rally on saturday and a rallycross on Sunday. Most everyone went to run in both events. I didn’t plan on doing either. I just wanted to generally get away with the GF and chill with the Impreza guys. This was the “covered bridge rally” event, and there’s one every year. Anyways, I got talked into doing the rallycross on Sunday. It didn’t take much convincing… I just needed to be nudged 😀 . It had recently, so the gravel lot we were going to rallycross on was covered in snow. That’s good. it was about 3-4 inches of snow on top of gravel. The front wheel stock, front wheel modified, and rear wheel guys went first. I was working the course when they ran, and thought to myself “OK… if I do better than the FWD guys I’ll be happy.” I guess a lot of people get “dead last but finished” their first time out on a rallycross. I was really happy with myself. I made 18 out of 25 during the morning. Not too shabby! I even beat a couple WRXs. I don’t know how I did in the afternoon, but I think I did at least as well as the morning.

Here’s a picture of a friend of mine on the course:

So yeah. Rallycross was fun.

Here’s some less impressive footage of me running:

The world kinda ended and fell off 30 feet right behind where the footage starts so I was taking it easy. the begninning of the course was a lot faster. you basically get to see me in a hairpin and then the finish 😀 . Still fun to watch.


EDIT: added video link

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