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August 22nd, 2006 No comments

I saw a gorgeous* Buick today on the way home with a couple stickers on the back, one right above the other.

The first one said “expect a miracle” with a little portrait of jesus on one side and a cross on the other.

The second said verbatim “I would rather have a daughter in a whorehouse than a son on the Yankees” with a little redsox logo next to it.

funny how in less than 2 square feet this person posted his devotion to his faith, and an exhibition of hatred and sexism. Good job bro. Attn: God, please be more careful when handing out free thought.

*the Buick was not gorgeous but in fact ugly.

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sugar and spice…

August 18th, 2006 5 comments

Would somebody please explain to me why coverage of the JonBenet Ramsey case deserves a full day of CNN coverage yesterday, and more still today? Pardon my coldness, but some kid dies several years ago and it’s full “top story” coverage on CNN for over a day? I’m sorry.. I know a child dying is a tragedy. fine, give it a couple days of coverage back when it happened. But there is more important stuff going on in the world. and people look to places like CNN for “what’s important”. I know news is all sensationalism and it has nothing really to do with what’s important, but I have this silly nagging instinct that tells me they should have some sort of social responsibility. I know I know… I’m living in the dark ages.

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stab stab stab stab stab

August 2nd, 2006 11 comments

I was playing with a quick project today to get my mind of the abysmal crapfest that today is turning out to be (long story, no I won’t get into it ^^). In a recent post I mentioned the wonderful page . I mean… if you have to know it’s friday, and you have to know RIGHT NOW, you simply can’t do without it. However, in a reply to my original post it was found that the page changed status from YES to NO before midnight on friday. Not acceptable. A quick “whois” query shows that the domain is registered in the UK. Great. So the UK gets to know when it’s friday. Great. What about the rest of us? People need to know when it’s friday. SO… I grabbed the page source and wrote a short script that will update it at the appropriate time (Eastern time, you pacific folks are on your own). If you need to know whether it’s Friday or not, check out . I know, I know… I’m a saint and should be recognized at such. I urge you not to bother the Vatican however, as the application is already in the works.

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no, ma’am

August 1st, 2006 5 comments

I was outside a starbucks this morning enjoying the scenery. I had absolutely no plans of going in and ordering coffee. But there I was in the parking lot. I saw an odd looking rear end (on a car, not a person) in the next row of cars over from me. I took off my sunglasses to get a better look at it.

random woman – “Excuse me, what are you staring at?”

I wasn’t paying attention to what else was in my field of view, and apparently there was a woman standing just outside my line of vision…

random woman – “You can’t just stare at people, you creep,” she remarked, her voice raising a little.

…and it would seem she thought I was staring at her. I boggled for a moment. She was a lot more “40” than the sort of person I would throw glances at, even if I were in the market.

me – “I was staring at the Maserati parked behind you ma’am, not you” I remarked with a light smile.

She glared at me for a moment, and marched off in a huff. Apparently she was offended that I didn’t find her interesting enough to stare at. Or perhaps that I found a silly car more intriguing. Either way, the irony was delicious. Plus it’s always nice to beat someone down from their high horse.

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