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It’ll buff right out…

August 30th, 2004 12 comments

“why people suck”, Reason # 3512 – random car damage.

So I was pennypinching last week. I took the CRX into work every day except wednesday to save on gas milage. the 33mpg on 87 octane the CRX gets is a lot cheaper than 20mpg on 93 octane the SVX guzzles. Fine. Dandy. I’m beboppin around havign a great time in my little yellow pseudo-car. I took in the SVX on wedensday because it was supposed to be a scorcher and there’s no AC in the CRX. cool. sweet. so I on thursday evening I bebop out to the SVX to take a cruise in it to the gym. and I think to myself “Gee, there’s a giant fucking gouge in my driver’ side fender”. Outstanding. Delicious.

Carnage (insert 56k caveat)

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August 25th, 2004 2 comments

I finally got my end table to take an install of FreeBSD. I was so psyched when it actually made it through without a kernel panic. So instead of having all my MP3s on one 20gb hard drive in a PC, I have a more or less dedicated 1000 watt, 6 CPU server storing them on a slgihtly larger (26gb) RAID-5 array (4 x 9.1gb hotswap SCSI drives).

Ok, so it’s a *little* bigger than a hard drive and sucks up a *little* more power… but it’s so much cooler! Like most of my geek projects, I did it more “because I can” and so that I can learn things like setting up network file systems and whatnot.

Oh, and I’ll be hooking up my servers with fiberchannel cards too. why, you ask? what kind of question is that?


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unintentional industrial

August 20th, 2004 6 comments

I was at Prity’s place the other day to get some stuff I had left there. Since I don’t have the keys to her apartment anymore I had to stand around outside for a sec after I called her. I was looking around in idle mode for a minute or so and noticed something interesting. the front spot in front of the building is number 242. I had to laugh for a second.

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August 20th, 2004 4 comments

Picked up a digicam yesterday. It’s about damn time I got one. Now, aside from general camwhoring, I can take pics of all the great rice I see on my way to work.

Canon SD110 digital elfphphfff
-3.2 megapixel (more than enough for the average consumer whore)
-SD memory card (bleh, I would have prefered CF)
-takes pics and movies
-other stuff too.

Cam info for the curious

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August 17th, 2004 2 comments

This is quite simply too cool not to post. From Andrew’s blog:

-4 24oz. cans of Budweiser: $10
-1 roll of electrical tape: $2
-Hilton toilet to flush beer down: Free
-2 bottles Abita Turbodog to drink while flushing Budweiser: $5
-Getting 447kbps at -55dBm from a hotel 1/2 mile across New Orleans because your hotel charges too much money for access: Priceless

view the mighty beer-cantenna

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August 14th, 2004 3 comments

I’m eating some sort of cheerios. I have no idea what kind they are, and they’re old enough that I don’t remember buying them. They were in one of those airtight tupperware cereal holder thingies. they’re too sweet to be “creting grade” cheerios… they don’t taste like honey nut… and there’s no chunks of foo like on apple cinnamon…

mmmmmmmmmm….. Mystery cheerios…. =ß

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August 13th, 2004 5 comments

Went to the gym for the first time in forever yesterday. My back finally feels like it’s completely healed, so I figured it was time to beat the crap outa the ol mortal coil. Of course I overextended myself, but that which does not kill me…. well… hurts like a motherfucker the next day for sure. I did front, upper back, biceps, and legs yesterday. I’ll do back, triceps, shoulders, and legs again today. bike/orbital every day. lather, rinse, repeat. Every muscle in my body should be aching quite nicely by the time sunday rolls… and I have a full day of paintball to play.

This gym (the one in my apartment place) is really nice… very well laid out, TVs on swivel mounts in front of the hamster-class machines (treadmills, etc), stereo system built into the walls/cieling, even a poland springs cooler… all around a great setup. 2 things I don;t like about it are that there is no “proper” arm curl machine and no machines that work the abs. meh.

In other news, we lost power this morning. and by “we” I mean the whole surrounding area. no street lights even. Totally killed my uptime. Thankfully my brain is trained to get up between 7:30a and 8:00a regardless of when I fall asleep (which is usually around 3:00a or so =D), alarm clock or not. great on weekdays, not so hot on weekends.

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August 12th, 2004 4 comments

Primary w00t: Could be getting a nice happy IT sector job soon if everything pans out well. Network admin/ user support with the potential to work netowrk security (which is what I’d really like to do). This would mean work I actually enjoy, as well as a nice boost in pay. Still up in the air, but the outlook is… ::shakes magic 8-ball::… what? “outlook foggy”? what kind of crap is this?! useless POS magic 8-ball…

also, working on my resumee would be so much easier if my boss (Bob v3.0) didn’t work in the same office as me =/

Secondary w00t: my paycheck appears to have come 3 days early…. eeeeeeexcellent…

Tertiary w00t: well, nothing yet really… I just wanted to say “tertiary”

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