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Assignment #1

March 28th, 2002 No comments

I posted this in my oh-so dear OT forum. everyone there’s pretty much the same demographic as me. Very white and very male.

“All you guys have an assignment. Over the next few days, see if you can fit this into your daily travels. When you’re in a mall, on the sidewalk, wherever… I want you to find a group of girls where there’s at least 2 really good looking ones and one that’s obviously less attractive than the rest. Walk up to the group, and tell the less attractive one she’s hot. Then just kinda smile and walk away. Try to make this look natural, as if she was hotter than the rest. don’t stand and wait for a reaction, but see if you can hear how the others react. Practice in your head a couple times to make sure it seems natural coming out.

Post your results.


Later on after a few questions I added:

“Aim for your age group. The object is to make her think that you thought she was pretty enough for you to go out of your way to simply tell her she’s hit. You’re not trying to pick her up, get a phone number, or start a conversation. You want her to see someone come to her for no other reason than to tell her she’s beautiful.

Chances are, even the hot ones have never had this happen to them. They see this happen to the “ugly duckling” and interesting things start to happen. I’m expecting jealousy, but i’ll be interested to see what kinds of results we get.

Since you’re not sticking around to see what the others think, watch their reactions as you’re telling her. do they look at the girl your talking to and say “all right! go tammy!” or whatever, or do they throw glances at eachother as if to say “why not us?”

Say it in a sincere way. no “Hey baby! ur wicked hot!!1!” more like “I just had to come over and say that you’re one of the prettyest girls I’ve seen.” Embelish all you like.

Even “taken” guys can participate if they’re alone in the mall. you’re not “hitting” on anyone. there’s no romance or whatever involved. no expectations. No need to feel bad. I’ll try to make my next assignment more general.


EDIT: this can’t be done at a club or bar. IT has to be done in a setting where people don’t normally walk up to girls and say “you’re pretty.” ”

So that’s my assignment. I’ll be doing more. Its half to see what kind of reactions come from all members of the target group. Its also to help the people I’m talking to get over confrontation fear. after this sort of thing is done once, it becomes easier to do it again. walking right into the face of something intimidating (a group of cute girls) and speaking up. Call it “male improvement.” I don’t kno wwhere I got the idea, but I did. I’ve already gotten 3 or 4 “I don’t haver the sack” type replies. These are the peopel that really need to do this assignment. This sort of thing is easier to do if they feel like they’re part of a group while doing it.

Track the progress. Its already getting interesting.


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Check this out!

March 26th, 2002 No comments

This is the coolest thing ever:

Its stupid at first, but if you just watch him, you can’t help but laugh! Look at him go!


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I am Optimus Prime!!!

March 22nd, 2002 1 comment

Vast, red and ready to turn into a lorry at the slightest provocation, you are a robot to be reckoned with. Although sickeningly noble, you just can’t resist a good interplanetary war, especially when Orson Welles is involved. You have friends who can shoot tapes from their chests. Tapes that turn into panthers. And other friends who are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs who jump out of planes. Will you have my children?

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

How fitting. Anyone who’s seen my car knows I have an autobot sticker on the rear windshield.


(Go and take the test dammit!)

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March 21st, 2002 3 comments

Do you ever get unbelievably pissed off at something random someone says? Something that’s just mildy irritating that normally you’d just completely forget about? That happened to me today. something someone posted online just got my blood boiling for no reason. This guy always makes smartass comments directed at everyone. Everyone’s cool with it so its no big thing. for whatever reason it really pissed me off today. that ever happen?


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March 20th, 2002 No comments

Good subject matter for a test to post pics. Credit to BlackBeastie on I-Club for editing the ad for me.


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March 20th, 2002 1 comment

I’ve got a wake today. Prity’s dad died last Thursday night/ Friday. Diabetes they think. He went in his sleep. 2 things irritate me.

1) His wife, Prity’s stepmom, is more concerned with money than his death. This isn’t a one-sided biased view of her simply trying to make ends meet. She had all the paperwork out and ready friday morning. She is calling all her relatives telling them she needs money and can’t even afford the funeral. She has 40,000 coming to her in insurance. She’s saying Prity isn’t helping out at all and wasn’t even there Friday. Prity was there all Friday morning and looked after her step-brothers all day and night. She’s telling all these things to Prity’s relatives… badmouthing her to try and get a few more sympathy $$$. We’re going to corner her and ask her what the HELL is going on today at the wake.

2) I’m all dressed up. As soon as Bob (the annoying girl in the cubicle next to me) sees me all dressed up, she’ll put on her plastic happy face and ask “Why so spiffy?” with an ear-to-ear smile. When I tell her I have a wake, she’ll put on the plastic “I pry because I care” attitude. I don’t want to put up with her crap today. I think to myself “What would Brian do in this situation?” The thought makes me smile.


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March 19th, 2002 No comments

Yeah. wicked.


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Ok… I’m sold.

March 16th, 2002 3 comments

I’ve heard Paranoia and Eclipse and I’m already sold for life. Thanks for pointing these guys out Bri. Rock on.


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March 11th, 2002 1 comment

My greatness has finally been recognized.


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as seen on i-club

March 5th, 2002 No comments

results of my “do you eat meat” poll, as of 11:25, march 5:
Yes. I love meat. Red meat ownz. 31 79.49%
No. I eat chicken but that doesn’t count as meat. 1 2.56%
no. I’m a veggitarian and I hate meat. 0 0%
I want to kill and eat Pikachu. 7 17.95%


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