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October 28th, 2005 1 comment

This is an actual summary for an event we received just now:

Summary: Monitor Desc:=Alarm: Mail Queue is humongous! CurrValue:=2064 Value:=1000 ( Flapping Event )

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October 27th, 2005 No comments

I literally just opened a ticket for “some email server on the customer’s network network that man or many not have any issue”. They did not know which machines or what if any problem existed. They want it looked into quickly though, since they’re very concerned it may not be working properly. keep in mind they haven’t even tried to pass an email through it. They do however see error messages on their console. also keep in mind that when a server has to reboot against its will (they had 2 power outages in quick succession), they are PISSED when they boot back up. He was very concerned when he got on site that he had recieved no email between when the power went out (midnight) through now (3:20). A legitimate concern… that being a very busy period of time. So I got to tell the engineer to look into “an” email server this company has, for no known problem, which could not be identified upon arrival at the site.


The engineer and I had a good laugh before I finally confrenced the customer. yeah… we’ll get right on that, sir. easily the most absurd ticket I’ve ever made. My mighty blurblet does not do the story justice.


I should mention one of our most famous cases on the night shift. we bring this one up all the time. A customer had called up to get a hand with an upgrade. The engineer walked the customer through all the technical bits and pieces till they were at the point that it was just building the new software and generally being automated. This process takes a long while and it states this in the manual. the call we get (verbatim)

Customer: “The instructions said the upgrade would take a long time.. (voice gets very distressed) And it’s taking a long time!”

…as if this was an abnormal thing, and should be treated as alarming.

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