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TGIF, the internet says so

July 28th, 2006 3 comments

Best page evar:

It’s friday. You know so because the internet says it is. This is, of course, unless you’re reading this a day or two late. In such an event, the page knows it’s not friday and will tell you so. Truly a marvel of functionality. Any time you need to know if it’s friday, check the page and it will let you know. This is a sort of temporal version of the venerable weather rock, which has been used for ages to predict weather with absolute reliability.

EDIT – I just checked, and it is still friday.

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July 21st, 2006 6 comments

My mother called me this morning on the way to work

Mother: Will we see you for dinner tonight?
Me: As always
Mother: Is there anything you need from the store while I’m out?
Me: A tank, or possibly a gunship if they’re out of tanks.
Mother: I’ll see if they have any. What do you need it for?
Me: The commute. Things get in the way sometimes, you know? I like having force as an option.
Mother: I see. Hmm… I think a Harrier would be fun too.
Me: Good point. If they’re out of gunships and tanks, pick me up a Harrier.

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…And the long story

July 20th, 2006 1 comment

So… Last year there was an “unfortunate incident” around march or so with the CRX. It was a beautiful day out… 60s or 70s or something. That night the weather was less pleasant, and I ended up with a few inches of snow blanketing the inside of my car. I had left the windows open a crack to air out the car during the day, and forgot to close them at night. Moisture must have gotten to it somehow, because it wouldn’t start when I needed to get to work. I got a ride in, and the next day I borrowed a car from the parents. A week later I had bought the green SVX, and I more or less washed my hands on the CRX. I couldn’t get it to start with minimal effort, and I’d put so much elbow grease into fighting with it recently that I couldn’t stomach working on it anymore. So it rested in the parking spot for a while.

A great while. That was March 2005. I moved out of that Apartment around May or June I think. It’s now July 2006 if my sources are correct, and the car was still there last night. Periodically Seth would check up on it and IM me, amused that it was still there. I took it on faith that they wouldn’t tow it, since I had noticed several cars that never moved over the course of the time that I lived there. But I knew I was working on borrowed time and had to do something about it.

Nate (aka: y2k4door aka: “The Thug”) expressed interest in the car, so I immediately took him up on it. You see, I couldn’t give this car away. I actually carried the title in my briefcase with a $20 bill paperclipped to it. Sometimes the subject of buying cars would come up at work, and I’d say “here, you can have my CRX. I have the title right here. I’ll even give you $20. go on, take the title. The back is already signed, I just need to fill in the date”. That never worked so well. I would even sometimes leave the title with the 20-spot on someone else’s desk all stealthy-ninja-like to see if they’d keep it, but they would always find me and return the title to me. I literally could not pay someone to take the car.

Anyways… Last night Nate came by with a friend and we loaded the car onto a trailer his friend had brought. This was after dragging the car across the parking lot with a tow strap in an effort to brake the frozen wheels free and get it to roll. After sitting for some time with the parking brake on, the rear pads on a car will fuse with the rotors. this is actually the strongest known bond between 2 materials, and is the only known natural source of adamantium. the fronts were merely rusted solid and freed up after some banging. but the rears were a lost cause. some winching and creative use of a hydraulic floor jack got the car onto the trailer. Pics of all this to come… they’re amusing.

So yeah. CRX is gone. About damn time.

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all great things… (all little things too)

July 19th, 2006 1 comment

The CRX got carted off today. Up until monday I had it set up to be taken by on tuesday. On monday a friend called me and asked if it was still around and how much I would let it go for. Short story is that now instead of being junked it is being turned into a hillclimb car. A much more fitting end for it. More story and pictures later. And yes, after over a year and a half, it was still sitting in the same spot I left it. … In the apartment complex I haven’t live at in over a year. w00t.

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Speaking of neural degradation…

July 19th, 2006 3 comments

In a rare bout of “actual news” on CNN, I saw a clip stating that Bush has put a veto on stem cell research. Asshat. I’d like to see him reason his position without tripping all over that little “separation of church and state” inconvenience that someone ninja’d into the constitution. I’m sure he’d be displeased at watching us pay other countries once they’re done researching and have the technology for sale… but he won’t be in office then, so why worry?

No great loss I suppose. It’s not like it’s a particularly important branch of research. or some crap. sigh. I remember feeling the same fuzzy feelings towards “the powers that be” when we were dropped out of the international fusion research program some years back.

Some day they’ll get it right

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July 13th, 2006 No comments

Today’s Sinfest reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to whine about for a while… The ATM at work. Typically the ATM comes just before getting lunch, and putting carbs in me comes shortly thereafter… posting to my el-jay gets lost somewhere in the mix I suppose.

Anyways… there’s this ATM at work. An ATM far more EVIL than the norm. Most ATMs are content simply to lick your card, request authentication, take some input, and spit out some cash. That’s cool, right? There doesn’t need to be any interaction. I know my role. The ATM knows its role. All is well and good in the kingdom. But wait, what is this? An interloper approaches the pearly gates of the realm! A newer ATM has been placed in the caf at work, and rests upon the bloody sundered remains of the previous occupant. This new ATM is the most annoying machine of the sort I’ve ever operated. It’s not content to give the sporadic beep or to as aural feedback. Instead it responds to pretty much any keypress with beeps, and it beeps every half second or so while it’s waiting to spit out the cash. And it’s not just any beep. It’s the windows “error” beep. Ironic since this is an IT workplace, and that sound is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my bretheren and me. It drives me crazy to use that damn machine. Every time I stand there waiting for it to eject my 20-spot, I visualize myself stabbing a screwdriver into the damn speaker on the thing.

ok, that’s my whining for the morning. move along, nothing to see here.

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July 12th, 2006 No comments

Over the weekend, my BeaterPhone(tm) that I’ve been cruelly keeping alive for about 2 years now finally decided to crap out. Basically it refused to take a proper charge when I’d plug it in. I tried to turn it off and plug in the charger in case it would take a trickle or something. But instead of charging, the charger somehow coaxed the phone into turning on… thusly doing the opposite of charging. Besides that, it was dreadful to drive with. It would drop calls pretty much any time I had to switch towers. when I did have “reception” the calls still rarely lasted more than a couple minutes before “ROFL” would appear on the screen and the call would be dropped. Then the phone would spit on my shirt and kick a puppy. See what I have to put up with?

So… I’d had this phone for long enough that I figured it was time for an upgrade. After talking to one of Erica’s roomates (works for Cingular), it seemed I should be elligible. This excited me, as the concept of being able to “place calls” and “receive calls” with my phone was more of a fantasy than anything at this point. The phone I got VaderPhone(tm). The angles and little speaker thingy reminded me of Darth Vader in a way =P. It has a spycam, which is something I’ve wanted for a while but have been unwilling to actually pay for. It also has bluetooth, which is handy for talking to the PDA. It cost me a whopping $29.99, and I even got $10/month chopped off my current contract. Not too shabby. Now I can even make calls from my apartment =O. This is something that was strictly forbidden with my previous phone. I managed to hold a conversation with someone for a while and not get the call dropped. crazy!

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July 6th, 2006 5 comments

You know what’s cool? Getting run off the road. A moron semitruck driver that wasn’t looking where he was going tried to change lanes. Unfortunately for me, I was currently occupying the space that he decided he wanted to occupy. in an effort to continue being as alive as I have gotten used to being, I ended up having to run into a curb to avoid the truck. So my once proud left-front tire turns to spaghetti. I was too busy not dying to get the plate, and didn’t get enough identifying marks off the truck. the trailer was a generic cargo box, and all I could tell about the cab was that it was a newish International. wheee.

I don’t think I hit the curb hard enough to damage the control arm, and I think the wheel is still ok. I just need to get a POS pencil-rubber grade tire to last me until winter. I’m planning on running full snow/ice tires and getting summers next season anyways.

so, how is your week going?

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July 5th, 2006 5 comments

Matt and I decided to go on the warpath and clean out some of the refugees that were squatting in the back of the fridge. We got out all the tupperware containers. The residents of these containers were of varying ages and stages of proliferation. Upon opening one of the less antiquated vessels:

Matt: “Pasta doesn’t go bad”
Me: “Famous last words, man”

Matty wrestles some of the strands free from the mother-clump and takes a bite.
Me: “…dude”

Moments later, various sounds erupt from Matty as he works the garbage disposal.
Matt: “Oh man, that was not good.”

Moral of the story: Pasta goes bad.

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