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Puppy Fever

September 6th, 2010 No comments

So we got a puppy. A year ago or so when we moved into dorchester we had originally been looking for a dog friendly place since wed both been wanting one. We settled on the place we took because it was too nice to pass up. But they didn’t allow dogs. Sad face :(. We had it set as a primary action item for our next place at it would be dog friendly. A few weeks ago we moved into Jefferson Hills in Framingham (many thanks to jess and especially Jay for helping out). Not only is it 4 miles from my work, but there’re dog friendly up to 45 lbs. Jay getting an awesome little black lab puppy sure didn’t help let us get settled before the puppy fever set in. Last week we picked up an awesome Cocker Spaniel / Collie mix at Save a Dog shelter in Sudbury MA. We named him Dexter, after Dexter Morgan. you know… Because he’s adorable and sometimes causes a ruckus. He’s estimated to. Be no bigger than 40 lbs, and the shelter we got him at was great. He’s very well behaved and potty trained like a little champ. But I’ll stop typing now and show off the money shots.

Behold, Dexter. How in the world did this little guy end up at a shelter??

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