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November 30th, 2006 3 comments

there should be a clause in the presidential election process that states “If the elected president turns out to be a total asshat, the previous president may return to finish off the term”. I’d love to have Clinton in office right now. Hell, George Washington could do a better job in his current state than Bush.

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November 29th, 2006 1 comment

I love new england weather patterns:


Slight Chance of Showers
Hi 65°F


Mostly Sunny
Hi 39°F

I swear, the weather itself is manic depressive here. almost 30 degrees in just 3 days. wheeee

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Master of Manipulation

November 23rd, 2006 No comments

Sometimes all it takes is a little careful reasoning to bring someone around…

(06:47:49) iggdawg555: let me borrow your laptop power cable after you go. I’m stupid and forgot mine.
(06:48:10) Strokedickie: no
(06:48:14) iggdawg555: yes
(06:48:20) Strokedickie: ok, just put it in my bag when you leave.

PS – Because I know you’ll ask, the guy’s last name is Dickie and I guess it seemed clever at the time.

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going down?

November 22nd, 2006 No comments

On the way home from CT on tuesday I saw something curious. It was a bus full of old people, and the bus line’s name was “Omgea Express”. Thought that was a little morbid. I almost expected the driver to be dressed as the grim reaper.

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It burns

November 22nd, 2006 5 comments

We work in a secure facility, and the work we do involves logging into devices at the core of very large company networks. International corporations, banks, state/government devices, etc. So running a tight ship is pretty important. One of the rules around here is that if you get up, you lock your computers before you leave the desk. Two reasons for this. The first being so that private information isn’t on display to the whole ops center. The second is so that when a company comes in for a tour, they don’t see some other company’s information on display at an abandoned workstation and end up thinking “how secure is our shit?”.

Like mane workplaces, one of the pastimes here at work is fucking with eachother. The favorite things to prey upon are eachothers work PCs and laptops. Since most people forget to lock their machines from time to time, we do all kinds of mean stuff to them. This is primarily as a reminder that “you should have locked your shit since anyone else could have gained access”. The stock prank is just loading up meatspin (if you don’t know, don’t ask) and then locking the machine on the victim’s behalf. Sometimes we mess with homepages and IE links. Sometimes write confessions of love via email to some dude in the back row, and leave it unsent so it pops up when they unlock the machine. you know, asinine childish stuff no adult should really get any fun out of doing.

So this morning I walk in and I notice some extra folders on my desktop. “Guys I would blow”, “Hansen MP3s”, and “Shemale porn”. My assailant had even go so far as to populate the “guys I would blow” folder with various unsavory characters. Who would do such a thing? No other than my boss, Joe. He’s pretty much the driving force behind all the pranking that goes on here. “Dude, did you see that? he left his laptop unlocked. we’ve gotta do something”. He’s like the little Jiminy Locust in the back of our heads, egging us on to mess with eachother… when he’s too busy to do it himself. And since he’s the boss, our actions are pre-approved.

Anyways… I just got done flushing all the meatspin (Joe: “Hey Ian, why don’t you pull up event query in IE for me real quick…”) out of my IE links and thought I would share our little workplace tradition.

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mmm… cellulose

November 14th, 2006 2 comments

I was licking tissues the other day, and the antiviral ones taste AWFUL. I recommend sticking to regular tissues for licking.

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November 10th, 2006 10 comments

You know what’s pretty cool? getting ripped off on eBay.

Read more…

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November 9th, 2006 No comments

Only one thing tastes like bacon and that’s… humans?

Headline: Robot identifies human flesh as Bacon

Clicky for story

First comment on the page: “At least we don’t taste like chicken”

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three blind mice

November 9th, 2006 No comments

This is promising:

British and American scientists have restored vision in blind mice by transplanting light-sensitive cells into their eyes in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments of human eye diseases.

Clicky for full story

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November 8th, 2006 2 comments

So I went to TGIFriday’s with lordbrand on sunday when he came to visit. I ordered a “cheesy burger” thinking that was their cheeseburger-like menu item. it was a little more than I expected. I was served a cheeseburger-like stack of items with a curious thing on top. it looked like a hashbrown at first. Brian and I questioned the intentions of this item, who rudely sat atop my cheesyburger. It turned out that it was a patty of fried cheese. sitting atop the chesse on the cheesyburger. Don’t get me wrong… I like cheese… but this was a bit much. I carefully extracted the dubious item from my otherwise normal burger and went along eating.

a patty… of fried cheese… on a burger.. who thought this was a good idea O_o?

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