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It’s never enough

October 26th, 2007 2 comments

Pretty much everyone is used to getting spam by now. And it’s usually all the same, and usually pretty benign. Subject lines like “Enlarge your penis”, “Go up one chest size in a month, naturally!”, and stuff like that. As a guy it’s a little odd getting both emails back to back, but whatevs. It’s the internet. They’re simply suggesting my junk may need enhancing to please the massive throng of “ladiez” that clearly travels in my wake. One I got today stood out a little though. I guess suggesting wasn’t enough… Here was the subject line: “All jokes aside, yeah you do got a tiny cock”. I laughed when I read it since it’s so far from the standard boring spam I’m used to getting. I guess if spam starts becoming funny it will bug me less to find my inbox full of it.

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Still alive

October 24th, 2007 7 comments

Yeah, I’m still alive. It’s a fact, I double checked the math. I even carried the one. “Real Life” hasn’t been hugely busy, so I guess I have no excuse for not posting. So here’s more or less what’s been going on…

I’ve finally gotten back into a regular gym routine again. I’ve been going for a few weeks and made it over the “going back to the gym” hump… That unpleasant time where you just feel gimp and tire quickly. I’ve been able to cook it pretty hard this week so far. Also the Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack is not only awesome to this day, but rocks for working out.

I thought it would be cool if drivers had little thought bubbles over their cars that would be like a little explanation of why executing whatever bit of asshattery they’re executing at the time. I realize most of these little thought bubbles would just say “lol wut”, but the occasional “my blinkers are broken, srry” or “I’m scurred of the right lane” would at least be handy.

Browsing through my web server access log is interesting. Especially the part where it tells you what search terms led to your page. It reminds me of how much random shit I have on my server. Long story.

Ok that’s it for now. That’s all you get, internet.

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I’d buy that for a dollar

October 8th, 2007 8 comments

They need to mint a new set of dollar coins. It’d have a picture of a carwash on one side, and a quarter with a line through it and “For your convenience” embossed on the back. I don’t know what the connection is between carwashes and the dollar coin is, but they have it for eachother big time. For a while it was great, most DIY carwashes would take quarters, $1 and $5 bills, and some even took plastic. Now it’s “Use the goddamn dollar coin or get the FUCK out!”. The best are the machines that dispense their almighty tokens and don’t take quarters, you can only change bills into dollar coins. They tell you this is “for your convenience” using reasoning that’s clearly over my head. I swear, carwashes are the only reason the dollar coin is still in circulation. Thusly my idea for the new coin design. Someone from the US mint must have taken a bullet in the dick for someone at the Underground Carwash Illuminati or something.

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My eyes, they burn

October 4th, 2007 12 comments

So Comcast has been doing this really sneaky thing to try and cut back on traffic in general. Bittorrent constitutes a significant percentage of overall traffic on the net, so Comcast is all like “hey, we can mess with that lol”. They got this program that seeks out Comcast customers with active bittorrent streams and basically severs them (it forges RST packets and injects them intot the stream towards each end). So if you’re a Comcast customer and your torrents have been dying, that’s why. They didn’t announce it, and it’s a pretty crappy thing try and pull in the first place. There are lots of legit bittorrent uses. What’s more, they forge very messy RST packets and basically break RFC protocol on how one is supposed to use TCP/IP… not the sort of thing an ISP should be doing. If I went around doing the same thing, dropping peoples’ connections to other people randomly while they’re in the middle of doing stuff, I’d probably get in trouble for it. It’s a really *bad* thing to get caught doing.

Anyways… It’s been bugging my roommate for a while now and I tried to see what I could do about it since I more or less control our network. I spent a decent chunk of the day reading up on this issue, TCP/IP in general, and scanning through tcpdump output (basically a record of the raw packets passing through the firewall). It’s funny how I get on kicks like this, going into it knowing *not so much*, and I come out as if I re-learned something I knew all along. And I get excited about it on top of that. Very much like having an epiphany. I feel like I took in so much in the few slow hours I had at work that it’ll take me a couple days to fully digest. I suppose that’s how I know I’m in the right field?

Sorry for so much Nerdy(tm). It pays the bills and keeps me occupied. I can’t complain.

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