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September 25th, 2003 4 comments

I’m just discovering Ohgr. where have I been, right?? this stuff is funky. me likie. I’ve listened to a few tracks now and these guys are on my medium list. they aren’t quite big pimpin enough to be on my short list. they’re medium pimpin. but then I’ve only heard a few tracks…


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September 25th, 2003 No comments

This was posted on the club today by HalfBaked. It was just funny/useful enough for me to want to post up in here.


How to piss off telemarketers. Written by me, a telemarketer

I know you all think you have your own little methods of pissing off telemarketers. Well sorry to break it to ya but a lot of your stuff doesn’t work. But no worries. Since I hate my job with a passion, I’ll tell you how to really get to us.

-Speaker phone: If you have it, you better use it. Its soo hard to hear.

-Tell them “Add me to your do not call list. If I get another call from your company I will sue. Also, I want off all your mailing lists, and I would like a conformation letter in the mail telling me I was removed from your lists.”: This adds soo much extra work for us. It sucks and makes us soo mad.

-Ask them to repeat information over and over.

-Keep asking them questions if they call for someone other then you. Ask things like “What is this in reference to.” “What kind of courtesy?” “Do they do business with you?” “What kind of business do they do with you?” “Why can’t you speak with me?” “Do they know you?” “Is there a number I can have them reach you at?” “Can I get your name so I know who I was speaking with?”

-Tell them you can’t hear them good and ask them to speak louder. Keep on telling them to talk louder until they are practiclly yelling. Then if they quiet down at all while they do their telemarketing thing to you tell them you can’t hear them again and make them repeat what they said but louder.

-Tell them you don’t understand them and ask them to spell out the persons name which they are calling for. Make them do this many times and if they say letters like B C D E V P Z, always say a letter different so they have to repeat themselves.

As I think of others I’ll update the list.

Have fun with this.




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September 18th, 2003 1 comment

I came across something interesting today. one of those common sense things that people don’t often put into words. there’s a sort of “religion vs. science” thread on the club that’s staying remarkably civil. anyways, I found myself complimenting one of the religious folks on his presentation of a factoid because he didn’t put it in absolute terms. he pointed something out and expressed an opinion, and the way it was put it was seemingly inviting a response and rebuttal. I was impressed and decided to make an example of it. one thing I typed was:

to argue, you must first allow for an arguement.

clever, huh? it’s common sense and all, but it’s so often lost. religious folks, among others, often cite sources they believe to be absolute authorities. the ineffable word of God and whatnot. first they assume we are accepting the source as absolutely authoritative as well whether they know it or not. they don’t ask anyone if they will accept that souce as an authority. even if so, you can’t argue based on authority, authorities should only be used as support.. not body. anyways, the use of an absolute authority by nature denies rebuttal and thusly arguement as well. they are arguing their position without allowing for an arguement. I dunno. that’s all I got.


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September 16th, 2003 2 comments

What is your battle cry? check it:

I got:

Hark! Who is that, sprinting out of the candy store! It is IggDawg, hands clutching a meaty axe! And with a spectacular roar, his voice cometh:

“I’m going to **** you faster than the speed of sound, and roll you in creamy neugut!!!”


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September 8th, 2003 4 comments

here are some pics of the CRX. she’s a 1990 CRX Si. 1.6 liters of uncompromising fury.

yes it’s at night and yes the pics are crappy, but there you have it. I’ll need to clean up the engine a little bit, but at least it’s stock and not filled with APC goodies. I’ll take some pics tomorrow in the light.


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September 6th, 2003 3 comments

So I got the CRX. I’ll have pics up tomorrow or the next day. the paint is wicked nice. no rust visible anywherre. all the rust was filled in with fiberglass and it was repainted OEM yellow. normailly I wouldn’t be happy about the color, but it has enough black trim to give a good contrast. the rims are amazing. stock CRX rims, but they’re in like new condition. no curb rash or anything. not even brake dust. it also came with a spare set of wheels with snows. the guy I bought it from works at an auto parts stor, so I have receipts for a lifetime warranty on: all rotors, all brake pads, all struts, water pump, alternator, and exhaust system. not a bad deal. he already gave me a replacement muffler since the one on there was on its way out. I was working on putting on the new one and the front cat popped apart. so I give the guy a call and he just gave me a new one! talk about a hook-up. I really can’t complain. I think it’ll pass inspection now at least.

it’s a ton of fun to drive. everything works in the cabin. it’s a little spartan. no AC, no power windows or locks. no pwer steering either. I didn’t liek the idea of that at first, but I kinda like driving it like that. the steering response is so quick. I don;t like the no AC, but I’ll live. I’m a New Englandah. I only use it a few months outa the year anyways. and if I drop in a B18 or something, I can always hook up an AC system. it handles amazingly. it weighs nothing, so it just kinda eases into corners. even with the blown struts. I can see why people love these little things. it’s still a little rough to admit I own a civic and like it. I just tell myself “It’s a CRX.. it’s not quite a civic.”


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September 4th, 2003 2 comments

so it looks like I’ll prolly be getting a 1990 Honda CRX. Unless it really sucks when I look at it. it sounds like it’s been babied for most of it’s life, and it’s never been in teh hands of a ricer. I was looking at a 1985 Subaru Brat, but it had a salvage title and was out of state. blarg. I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty apprehensive about owning a honda, but if it turns out to be a total drag I can always tool around in Prity’s Impreza. I’ve got some whiteline springs that can go on it once I get a set of AGX or similar shocks to mount them on. they just make the car waaaaay too bouncy on stock struts.

I was looking at some 80s mags, and I guess it was a big deal when this thing came out. apparently it wsa really something at the time. I honestly think it looks pretty neat. I was at a rallycross in Killington VT, and there was a CRX running in FWD class. I mentioned to a guy that was working the stage with me that I thought those things were pretty cool. to my surprise he agreed. apparently this is one of the few hondas that didn’t come with all the suck that most hondas do. Even most of my Imrpeza buddies will agree that CRXs are cool. especially the Autocross guys. I mean, it barely weighs 2000 lbs. so apparently in the world of sports car enthusiasts CRXs aren;t a sin to like.

the one I’m looking at is a 1990 CRX Si. the only one with an adequate engine. it only delivers 110-ish hp, but it only has to move 2000 lbs. I looked up reviews on these things and people from all walks of life love them. everything from ricers (of course) to white collar folks. they get kickass milage and perform well. and they’re Hondas. they’ll run forever. since Seth did his clutch job in my garage, I’ve had this engine hoist kicking around. if I ever have any issues, at least that thing’s available.

so yeah. I’m checking it out tomorrow, and with any luck it’ll be mine on saturday. it’s a 5-speed so I’ll get to learn stick. I’ve driven stick before but I’m wicked green. I can shift just fine from 2-5, but I need practice getting off the line. I commute on Rt.2, so I better learn quick :D.


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September 4th, 2003 2 comments


So I get this thing in the mail.. A year ago and change I got into a car accident. I was #4 in a 5-car pileup in New Jersey. My car took the most damage of any of them. it went like this (front to back)


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September 2nd, 2003 7 comments

I sold my Impreza.

Well it happened. someone came and looked at it tonight. Prity signed an intent to sell, and they need to pick up some CT bill of sale forms. they’ll be picking it up on Monday. they gave a $1000 dollar deposit. I don;t think they’ll be backing out. so yeah. there she goes.

I want to save up for a WRX, cause that’s what I’ve been wanting all along. so I’m looking at something cheap to sit in for the next year or so. I’m thinking a CRX or something. They’re dirt cheap, relatively quick, and there’s an infinite amount of parts at teh local pick-apart yard. If I’m feeling industrious some weekend I could even pick up an integra motor (30 bucks, all you can carry ) to give it some more zip. I guess they were really good cars when they came out. I’ve been looking at reviews, and people from all walks of life seem to dig it. is it weird of me to like the car ?

anyways, I’ll miss my baby. we had a good run.


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September 2nd, 2003 1 comment

I just snarfed cappuccino. I got here before the bosslady, so there ws nobody to let me in. so I goes down to the local starbucks to practice capitalism. It’s either that or questionable breakroom coffee. so I have this yummy venti (that’s italian for “5 dollars” or something) cappuccino. I take a sip, and it decided it wants no part of this. it must be socialist, and this is it’s way of rebelling. a moment later I find myself in the stylisticly unpleasing scenario of having frothy brown cappuccino coming from my nostrils. now I’m -5 style points for the rest of the day. I’ll have to breakdance or something to make up for it.


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