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February 3rd, 2006 2 comments

I often complain about that Cipher Trust company eating up all my time at work, keeping me from doing actual “real” work. That aside, a few of the engineers are pretty cool. In some instances, a lot cooler than some of the people I work with. Here’s a snippet from one of my coworkers trying to unload a phonecall onto the poor engineer. The stupid is so thick you could cut it with a knife, but it would have to be a pretty sharp knife:

(06:17:59) Coworker: sean is on phone
(06:18:09) Coworker: he wants to talk
(06:19:12) CipherEngineer: I understand this – and right now, I’ve got mark on the phone and people calling my work line and house line. Sean can wait or we can call him back – I understand he called 15 minutes ago
(06:19:13) CipherEngineer: but I’ve been on the phone 30 minutes with a volitile customer
(06:19:24) CipherEngineer: Kev may have stepped away from his desk
(06:19:36) CipherEngineer: I don’t know – I’m not there
(06:19:38) CipherEngineer: if you have to
(06:19:42) CipherEngineer: ping “BigBlueSwope”
(06:19:43) CipherEngineer: that’s BJ
(06:19:56) CipherEngineer: he’s L3 on duty
(06:20:00) Coworker: keith you want to talk sean
(06:20:10) CipherEngineer: ……you’re fucking with me, right?

Notice he gives the engineer a hearty 4 seconds of consideration before completely dismissing everything he said. I showed this little bit to Dan0 (who works with both of us) and he burst out into loud laugher. a sort of real-life “lol” if you will. closer to a “rofl” even, but he managed to remain standing. The funny is that the above is typical behavior. It’s funny when taken out of context but, as the engineer illustrates, horribly frustrating when encountered first hand. it’s like reasoning with a machine. you know… like a pulley, or perhaps an inclined plane.

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