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Checking in.

September 11th, 2009 5 comments

Poking my head into the internet to say hi. Two weeks ago I moved into a new place. About goddamn time. The last place I was in, Emily and I were subletting for 4 months while we waited for this place. Thank God it was only 4 months… the place was a hole. Emily and I were like “Hay, lets move in with Lindsey. It’ll only be 4 months, how bad could it be? lololol”. Well, it was bad. The living room was also an entry and a hallway. About 8 feet by 12 feet, minus space for a closet. Kitchen was (I shit you not) about 7 feet by 4 feet, not including counter space. There was no air conditioning, and window units were not allowed. On the day of the move we threw our sheets away, they were (watch me keep this work safe) yucky. There was an elevator, but it was like something out of a horror movie. The thing gave you a new appreciation for life every time you’d successfully exit it.. It was more of a cross between a cage, an electric chair, a bathysphere. Apparently it’s the oldest cage elevator in Boston, and it lets you know for damn sure.

The new place is pretty rockin. We’re right next to the JFK Library and UMass Boston. Technically it’s in Dorchester, but we don’t own up to it. It’s so close to the line that we just call it Boston. We’re on the 6th floor and it has an awesome view of Boston (and Dorchester, depending). It has all new everything. Central AC, even ethernet drops in every room with a patch panel in a central location. Hell yeah. The living room is massive and has floor to ceiling window that might as well be a wall. The elevator doesn’t threaten my life and affront my senses. I’ll try to get some pics of this place up soon, I’ve been too busy unpacking and enjoying downtime in a place that doesn’t give me headaches and make my ears pound from heat.

Anyways… yeah. Checking in. Sup, internet?

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