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February 28th, 2004 No comments

I’m going to go through a large group of cars today and tear parts off them at will. But in that delightfullyl legal way. I swear, the pick-apart yard is like a candy story for car geeks. 2 bucks to get in, 30 bucks all-you-can-carry. or 40 bucks to pile a ton of shit on a random car hood and drag it over the line. how cool is that? I’d go there just for fun even if I didn’t need anything for my car really. oh wait… that’s what’s going on today.

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February 23rd, 2004 5 comments

They say smell is the most nostalgic of the senses. I think they’re right. whoever “they” are. I smelled soemthing today I haven’t smelled in years. I think it was a combination of smells, the composite of which reminded me of something else. As soon as I smelled this odor, I revisited a memory from around 8 years ago. It’s the same smell as the interior of the card shop in the mall by the farmer’s market in Seattle. My family was there on a trip some time ago. It’s funny, I haven’t thought of that trip in so long, and one smell brought me back there instantly. wierd. that’s all I got.


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When drunk people give advice…

February 22nd, 2004 3 comments

A good friend of mine, Damien, Is stationed in Japan with the military. He’s been going out with this girl, Yoshi, for about 6 months now. It’s a long distance relationship (4 hours by bullet train) and I guess it’s been wearing on her. He posted in OT last night about how worried he is that she’ll leave him. Anyways… one of the more inebriated members decided to post his heartfelt advice:

Dude, listen I’m drunk but I’m gonna give you advice.

Any girl with the name Yoshi is bad news. I used to play mario and Yoshi would only cause trouble, I’d get attacked and he’d run away. Which makes me think that at the first sign of trouble she is going to run, I think you guys need to work through this, make her talk to you even though she probalby is going to act like one of those strong female types and not want to. Make her tell you what is wrong and fix it. Don’t let Yoshi go, you need her later on to complete certain levels, especially if she can fly. Thats the best one. I don’t remember what color of Yoshi that is but its definately the best one. Or the one that breathes fire. But yea man, Take care be strong and safe, its ok, live goes on. But dude, talk to her. Make her tell you whats wrong. I don’t know anything but I know I’m right!


Apparently he had enough in him to not realize exactly how off the wall his words were. he was *rather* surprised at what he’d written this morning.

But here’s the couple: linky . Aren’t they cute together? Damien is a damn cool guy. I really hope everything works out well for him.


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February 18th, 2004 16 comments

when I say things like “noob”, “owned”, and even “word” other places than online, people look at me funny. I even use letters instead of numbers for my vowels. I have to explain to them I was in the IT industry for a while.

Me- “word”
Joey- “did you just say ‘word’?”
Me- “yup”
Joey- “man, you gotta cut that out”
Me- “It’s ok. I was in IT.”
Joey- “oooooohh. yeah, that’s right.”
me (thinking to self)- ‘n00b’

I interact so much online during the work day that the mannerisms just creep into my verbiage. A lot of my friends are also net whores, so they talk the same way. on the occasions that I converse with those who aren’t at all “geek,” I find myself rewording things in my head. lamers.


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February 17th, 2004 5 comments

I want to destroy my boss in some horribly inefficient way.

I came in early today, as I will every day this week, to scan some particularly difficult parts. they take very little time to scan, but it takes a number of scans to get them to look right. they are chips on very odd shaped boards that are hell to balance. They need to be balanced because the plane we’re scanning must be perpendicular to the cone of ultrasound we scan with.

I get in at 7, and Bob (the boss) has left a message for me. Apparently she scanned some boards after I left on Friday. She says that there are boards to be shipped out in the office in a box. I need to scan the remaining 4 so we can ship out a lot of 12. We are getting these boards in several lots and shipping them out as we finish them, so this all makes sense. I go into the lab, and there are 4 boards on the lab desk. there’s a post-it on them that says “latest.” I assume they are the latest set we have recieved and they need to be scanned.

I spend the next 5 hours scanning these boards. a total of 8 parts (2 chips per board) and 2 images per chip. I have all the images saved, and I head out to lunch. I get back and there are comments on some of the images that she want me to re-scan. I dig up the files in the directory to check out what she’s talking about and I see the object of her stupidity.

As I was checking out the images, I noticed another folder she had made in the main directory for this project. I clicky on it, and find that it is where she had put the images she’d stored on Friday. they were of the 4 boards I had just scanned. This is where my brain breaks… She hops in on a project I had been taking care of, scans a bunch of parts, puts the images in a different directory I won’t know to look into, and puts a post-it labeled “latest” on the scanned parts which is easily misunderstood as “latest recieved.” If they were the latest scanned, they should have gone into the box in the office. To boot, she had taken home the project folders to review data over the weekend so I have no idea what she’d done on Friday.

So my whole morning was wasted. I would have been better off sleeping in. I don’t care if she’s my “boss”… If she’s going to step in on my project, she can follow MY damn protocols. and if she wants to change something, fine… at least let me know what’s being changed. Fucking irresponsible. and now it’s my ass when this project is late.



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February 17th, 2004 No comments

I competed in my second ice race on Sunday. I kicked much more ass than last time too. I was screaming in the morning.. I got 1st and 2nd place respectively for my first two runs. I got a little slower after that, but I ended up placing third overall. not bad at all. we got 5 runs this time instead of 2.

One of the guys from the club and I spent the later part of the afternoon running the practice course while the all-wheel-drive class was on the main course. We had a blast doing it too… It’s our jub to get people unstuck when they plow into a snow bank. We found out how much fun it is to go screwing through the middle of the course instead of going around the path that’s plowed. there was only around 4-6 inches on the ice. The banks were higher of course. There’s just something fun about a little yellow CRX crashing through snowbanks and plowing through snow to go rescue a WRX that’s beached on a snowbank.

Also, the results from last week’s race are in, and I got 7th overall. Linky: Scroll down to class G. still very happy about that for my first event. Besidess, 5 of the 6 cars that beat me had limited slip differentials, much better handling ability, and were all 2002 or 2003 cars. so yeah. pretty happy about that.

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isn’t it ironic?

February 12th, 2004 1 comment

Define irony: Dumbass (that’s me) sells his turbo kit to pay off speeding tickets.


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2nd ice race

February 10th, 2004 No comments

I went to another ice race this past sunday. I actually competed this time. I didn’t do half bad either. I’m told anything better than “dead last but finished” on your first try is pretty good. basically, keep it on course. anyways, I got 6th out of 20 on my first run and 9th out of 20 on my second. They haven’t posted the end results yet, but I think I’ll place pretty well. I’m very pleased with both myself and my car.

The conditions were different than last time. there was about a foot of standing snow on the course, and the banks were around 2 feet. there was much more grip as a result of snow being frozen into the ice. I managed to stuff the front end 3 times, but they were all either on the practice course or on access paths or something. So I dodged that bullet (so to speak). Here is what she looked like after a day of racing. notice the front wheels full of snow from various run-ins with snowbanks. that fet pretty good at 80 mph on the way back. the car wanted to shake itself to pieces. you can’t see the front end, but I messed up my front lip a little. a little massaging and some random hardware will have it back to new in no time.

but yeah. went racing. had fun.


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February 7th, 2004 No comments

Because of a recent comment in boole‘s journal about filming shitface-ed-ness, I’m prompted to mention a tradition from “The OT” for all my non-Nabisco readers.

When OT drinks…

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