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Shameless plug

June 4th, 2008 9 comments

I’ve been a fan of starbucks for a while. The coffee is good, and it’s actually pretty cheap if you don’t get the silly flowery drinks with more than 12 words in the name. The only bad thing was the lids on their cups. McDonalds had a lids with some sort of way to keep the thing closed so it didn’t spill all over the place. Hell even my Caffeine-Miser brand BadCoffee(tm) at work has cups with little tear-off lids. Starbucks was a little behind the ball on this, their drinks would spout red hot streamers of coffee all over the place if you hit so much as a pebble. It was as if they were engineered to do this. Everyone seemed to have a little ritual to stop the mess. I used to just drape a napkin over the top till I got to work. Other people would stuff straws in the cups. Other still would even use 2 lids rotated against eachother. Any solution still ended up messy.

Today I saw they finally worked out a solution. You’d think they would just make lids with little reseal widgets like Dunkins has. I guess that was too easy. Instead they have little toothpick-like things that you plug up the sippy-hole with. 10/10 for effort, 4/10 for promptness, 2/10 for good thinking. Still, it’s great to not have the stuff spill all over the cupholder on the super-smooth roads of Rt.9 here in Mass.

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