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August 5th, 2002 3 comments

So I have another car now. Prity gave me her Impreza. She just kinda offered for me to take it, and she’d find a cheaper car. Its a 1997 2.2 liter impreza L. 2700 pounds, 140 hp. That’s damn cool of her. she says she knows I’ll be hapier in it since I can bomb around in it all I want and not worry about bearings or transmission issues. She’s right too. I love that car. ITs much lighter than the TS and it shows. the power/weight is pretty close. the L feels much lighter around turns. Once I get the 17mm WRX wagon swaybar in it, it’ll be tons o fun.

Even better, modifying a GC8 (that’s the old bodystyle, for those who don’t speak Subaru) is much cheaper. I can get a real respectable set of struts (KYB AGX) for around 400, and stock RS springs will do just fine on those. I can get RS springs for the cost of shipping. A trip to the pick-apart yard will get me a set of legay rear disk brakes that I can swap out for my drums. I’ve heard those are really nice. Ventilated rear disks are hard to come by. I guess its a task tho. You have to swap out the whole hub. Not just the disk. the e-brake is a little drum inside the disk, so its tough to do it without swapping the whole unit at once. And there’s no way I’ll go through winter without my e-brake (muahahahaha).

Speaking of the pick-apart yard, score one for good ol American elbow grease. For those who don’t know, the pick-apart yard is like a candy store for grown-ups. Its 2 bucks to get in, and you bring your own tools. Its up to $40 for anything you can carry out on your back. more if it has to be dragged. You get in tehre, and its a sea of dead cars as far as the eye can see. some have engine damage and good bodies, and some have collision damage and perfect engines. Every now and then you hear an engine start, and someone cheer in puerto-rican. I digress. I went in to find a turbo. A Garret T3 is exactly what I need to turbocharge my car. That can be found on:

Mercury Cougar XR7
Ford T-bird turbo coupe
Saab 900 turbo
Merkur X4Ti

among others. all of which are early 90s-ish cars. exactly the vintage that shows up in the PA yard. So I head in there. I figure if I don’t find a turbo, I can at least get those rear breaks I mentioned. if nothing else, I can snag some parts that might fetch a price on teh aftermarket. and boy did I. I found a dead t-bird in Americaland. it looked well kept up, and pretty fresh. I figured it was a new resident. I pop the hood to see if it has a turbo. what did I see staring back at me? the letters “3.8” staring back from the noble outlet of the supercharger. This was a Thunderbird SC. They have supercharged V8s. so I go to town. an hour later, I’m carying out a perfectly functional blower. I knew it wouldn’t go well on my car (sad), but I decided to check ebay. the prices on this thing (Eaton M90 supercharger) range from 300-600. I paid 30 bucks. score one for all-you-can-carry. I set the auction at 200, and the reserve at 350. yee haw.

That’s all I got for now. waiting for my car to get out of the shop. I hope someone wants to buy it soon. anyone out there want a like-new 2002 Subaru Impreza TS? asking $15,000. No? I figured as much.


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