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June 29th, 2002 2 comments

I-Club ( is cool. In fact, its the coolest site I’ve ever been a member of. I recently did some pretty good damage to my car, and I’m stuck jobless with a $1000 deductable. I posted about this and went the route one of my friends did. I set up a paypal account and told my buds on the site that it’d be real cool if each of them could pitch a few dollars into the Igg-pot to help me out a little. I wasn’t expecting much, and now I have $700 in the account. Its been open for less than 3 days. These people are so damn cool. Anyone that can’t afford to pitch a few dollars has offered their time to help me fix the car up and save that way. ITs real cool to be part of that kind of community. I’m getting donations from people I’ve only talked to a few times. Some even from people I haven’t heard from before. Tell me that’s not cool.


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I had my doubts about Nietzsche

June 20th, 2002 2 comments

I started reading “Thus spoke Zarathustra.” Its one of his more celebrated works, ext to “will to power.” I just wanted to have some Nietzsche under my philosophical belt. I started reading it with a little doubt. Usually the most talked about thinkers have a lot of bunk to cut through. His stiff is a little abstract in this book, but there is a lot of good in there. Specifically, I read a passage on good and evil that was very similar to modern ideas:

“No people could live without first esteeming; but if they want to preserve themselves, then they must not esteem as their neighbor esteems. Much that was good to one people was scorn and infamy to another; thus I found it. Much I found called evil here, and decked out with purple honors there. Never did one neighbor understand the other: ever was his soul amazed at the neighbor’s delusion and wickedness.
A tablet of the good hangs over every people. Behold, it is the tablet of their overcomings; behold it is the voice of their will to power.
Praiseworthy is whatever seems difficult to people; whatever seems indispensable and difficult is called good; and whatever liverates even out of the deepest need, the rarest, the most difficult – tht is called holy.
Whatever makes them shine, to the awe and envy of their neighbors, that is to them the high, the first, the measure, the meaning of all things.”

That’s exactly the same principle as “The Lucifer Principle” explains it. There have been a lot of really astute and out there observations. MY opinion of the guy is changing. He’s still a little whacko in some areas, but theres a lot of good knowledge to be gleamed.


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June 7th, 2002 2 comments

Well, IGC has made it into the real world. There are a number of people sporting “IGC” stickers on their car. for those who don’t know,

I = IggDawg
G = GooseMan
C = CDitto

We’re the 3 guys who waste the most time in the Off-Topic forum of I-Club.

Here’s GooseMan’s and My car

Here’s WagonMonster from I-Club, this is also the front page for his site now:

And here’s Kelly, the wife of the creator of (aka Sean on I-Club), and the infamous “Keith” (I did his momZ).

More to come. People have gotten stickers and not posted the pictures yet, and I’m getting daily requests for more. One of these days I’m going to see someone with one of these stickers while I’m driving around. That’ll be wierd.


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As seen on I-Club.

June 4th, 2002 No comments

I hate finger pointers.

We’ll never know how many terrorist attacks our intelligence deterred. Given how easy it is to launch a terrorist strike, given our level of privacy and freedom, its a wonder we don’t get more. If they fail to deter 1 in 500, I say that’s not bad. Its probably much better than that. America gets my support 100%, and I WILL support whoever is in office as president. Always. He’s the president, and I’ll accept him as my leader. He’s in office, and eh was voted in. If there’s any REAL reason he shouldn’t be there (and cheating on your wife with an intern is not a reason, either is lying about it to protect the peace), he’ll be impeached.

On a side note, I have no political party. I think being forced to align yourself with one of 2 parties is ludicrous. I don’t even know the difference between the red and the blue. Republican is liberal and democrat is conservative or something right? Hell… I don’t care. I have my views and I’ll stick by them until someone can convince me otherwise (and I am open to a logical debate. my views are not concrete). I’ll bark at whoever I please if their views suck.

Blame placers: you suck. Blame the people on the plane for greedily savoring their last moments of life while cowering instead of rushing the terrorist with his mighty box cutter or derringer. how dare they let a terorist fly into teh WTC. there were more than enough people on that plane to stop any group of terrorists. So long as there are more people than bullets, there’s no excuse. Please note I say this as an example. I have no hard feelings towards the passengers aboard the flights (God be with them). I simply point out that the blame can be placed anywhere, and that the act of doing it is futile. And contemptuous.



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