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May 24th, 2004 23 comments

I finally got myself a Subaru SVX. I posted about 2 years ago about this neat-o car I was looking into getting to replace the Impreza. I didn’t get one then, and I’ve come very close to getting one 2 times since. it’s always been just out of my grasp. For those who don’t know, they’re a very rare breed of Subaru, only around 15,000 or so made it to the states. It’s a “performance/luxury” coupe that was very poorly timed as far as the car market goes, and was too expensive for the Subaru badge it was sold under. It’s a fairly big 2-door car with all-wheel-drive and a 4-cam 6-cylinder “boxer” engine pushing about 230 hp and 225 lbft of torque. I’ve never driven a car that’s felt as nice as this.

They’re hard to come by, and very hard to find in good condition. This one was owned by n ASE certified “master technician” whatever that means. He went to town on this car. everything is new. the struts/springs/tophats, brake rotors/calipers/pads, transmission (10k miles), tie rods, etc. tons of interior bits have been replaced. The head unit is a $500 pioneer dealie that doesn’t have all the “stereo bling” that you have to deal with in most newer car stereos. The leather isn’t worn like I’m used to seeing. the car “feels new”. It definitely feels newer than a ’94. And it REALLY feels nicer than $6000 should have bought me =D.

So I’m back at camp Subaru. Anyone wanna buy a CRX =P

pics from the auction behind cut:


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May 19th, 2004 1 comment

Stolen from


OUTNUMBERED British soldiers killed 35 Iraqi attackers in the Army’s first bayonet charge since the Falklands War 22 years ago. The fearless Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders stormed rebel positions after being ambushed and pinned down. Despite being outnumbered five to one, they suffered only three minor wounds in the hand-to-hand fighting near the city of Amara. The battle erupted after Land Rovers carrying 20 Argylls came under attack on a highway. After radioing for back-up, they fixed bayonets and charged at 100 rebels using tactics learned in drills.

If that doesn’t downright define badass…..

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May 18th, 2004 5 comments

I am a god.

Just finished rebuilding my transmission. it always feels so good to finish a major project on the car. A lot of the *more seasoned* guys say a tranny rebuild takes them around an hour or 2 and is pretty much cake. that’s nice and all, but it’s my first time doing it so I don’t care that it took me a couple days and many hours. makes the victory feel all the nicer. Took it out for a spin yesterday to put some gas in the tank and wash all the grease off the fenders. I did pretty much the whole job by myself. yanked the engine, took off the tranny, opened the trans case up, took out the gears, replaced the input shaft bearing, and put everything back together. The always useful Seth helped a little. he helped me get the engine back in the car by yelling at me when I was going to crush something with it =P

I took some pics and I’ll put them up later. Looking at them I still can’t believe my car was that far diassembled and yet I drove on it later that day. It’s such a neat feeling to be staring at the the gears inside the transmission in the morning, and be driving the car in the evening. Chalk up one more thing I won’t be afraid to do next time.

Transmission repaired by pros: ~700
used transmission: ~300
Input shaft bearing + DIY repair: ~30

Elbow grease is pretty valuable stuff.

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May 12th, 2004 2 comments

This game is way too addictive. No, it’s not penguin baseball or the “defend your castle” game. jsut check it out.

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May 9th, 2004 8 comments

for when only the most badass spork will do.

yes, I did order one.

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May 6th, 2004 8 comments

My brother just IM’d me from Poland. He got a degree in English, so he obviously had to look outside of the country if he wanted to find a job in his field. It’s the first I’ve heard from him in months. According to my parents, he’s doing really well. He makes more money than a doctor. I guess English teachers are crazy rich over there. relatively speaking. The equivalent 13k/yr is good pay. They asked him how much he makes, and he said “uh… about 6 beers an hour.”

Anyways, he only had enough time to talk for a minute or so. He managed to relate the little tidbit that “The girls over here take it up the back door, then make you a sandwich and get you coffee without being asked.” The kid has enough e-time to say hello and goodbye, and manages to squeeze in that little tidbit. it’s good to know he has a grasp on what really matters =D.

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