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I finished the removal of the engine and tranny, and the install of the new clutch. the old one was *visibly* bad. but given the time, and teh recent post dated last night including the terms “didn’t sloeep tonight”, I’m goin to bed. the engine install will happen tomorrow.

the only “issue” besides the engine catching on this and that during removal was that we snapped one of the inner control arm bolts. the thing was completely corroded and made entirely of unobtanium. which was weird since no other bolts gave us any isssue.

anyways, the other party to which the “we” and “us” implies is my good friend Seth who was invaluable to the install. He did a similar job on his prelude some months ago in my garage. the experience came in very handy.

so yeah. engine out, clutch in, very tired, all else is well. ‘night all.


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  1. November 18th, 2003 at 23:32 | #1

    Is teh engine light enough to be lifted with your own hands? 😀

    -paK +2

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