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Dumbest woman ev4r!!!1!

I was on the pike. beboppin’ down the middle lane going the speed of traffic (65 in a 55). and I see the red Legacy wagon coming up on the left doing around 75. then I see the headlight of a cruiser peek out from behind it. ok… the cruiser isn’t riding her ass yet, but she IS doing 20 over the limit. he just kinda stays a few carlengths behind her till they pass me. then the cruiser gets right up on her ass, like a hairswidth from her bumper. she doesn’t even touch the brakes, and keeps right on doing 20 over the limit with a cruiser right be-frigging-hind her.

dumb yet? it gets better. when the cruiser gets a window, he passes her on the right. I’ve NEVER seen a cruiser pass on the right. nev4r!!!! but then most people have the sense to pull over to one side when there’s a statie on their haunches. at this point I’nm thinking “how the heck does she get away with this? 20 over the limit and I’d be ticketed like that (at this point I snap my fingers for effect).” so then the cruiser cuts her off and rockets down the left lane.

you think I’m done? she SPEEDS UP and rides HIS ass for another few miles. ……do you NOT know what a cruiser looks like? do you NOT know they can hand out, like, tickets and stuff? you’re breaking how many laws? and STILL she doesn’t get pulled over. eventually she cuts across 3 lanes to get to a service plaza. I follow to see if she’s like an off-duty trooper. nope. some early-20s chick stuck in the 80s, wearing lots of pink and black. and a few piercings in strategic locations.
not hot. at least not hot enough to get out of a ticket.

so that’s my dumb chick of the week.


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  1. November 19th, 2003 at 10:08 | #1

    =0____0= Uh… WT-??

    …. it wasn’t unmarked was it? Still… you’d have to be pretty stupid not to be able to recognized an unmarked cruiser *Falls over*

    I don’t know whether to laugh or grr. I wish people like that got tickets. Now she goes about her hairbrained day, thinking nothing of what she did and prolly thinking she’s allowed to do it all the time…

    • November 19th, 2003 at 10:16 | #2

      It was a fully markednavy blue MA state trooper with a big light bar and even one of those bash-guard rigs un the front bumper. no mistake aboutwhat this car was 😆


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