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Damn… after posting that bit about Petter winning the WRC, I crusied through the pics on . now I really miss my Subaru. both Subarus, actually. I just got the urge to go out for a random spirited drive,, and realized I only have my CRX waiting in there for me. It’s quicker than my Impreza, and handles better than both my Impreza and my turbo Legacy did (not as fast as the legacy… that thing was a beast). but with all the quickness and manuverability… it’s just not as much car. I don’t feel the urge to take it out and whip it around. and when I do, it’s less satisfying.

I miss whipping around in the Impreza. that thing handled so damn well. all it had was a WRX suspension setup and a set of Yoko’s wrapped around P7s. nothing outstanding on paper. But I knew the car so well I could make it do things it had no business doing. I miss the legacy even more I think. I really thought of the Impreza as “my baby…” but for some reason I was more attached to the Legacy. I was the 3rd owner, and it still felt more like “my car” than the Impreza that I bought brand new. I guess it’s cause I put more work into it. it needed some repair when I got it. I also modded it more. I learned everything I knwo about turbo on the Legacy. I know more about the EJ22t than any other engine in any other car. Hell, I was on the legacy page for just a few months and I was a genuine authority on the car. I didn;t have much money to put into it, so the suspension wasn;t in great shape. but the engine was amazing. that thing could move. and yeah, for all you subaru-novices, there’s a difference between the turbo legacy and the legacies you see putting around most of the time :D.

There you go.. smaller pictures to make up for my previous spam. Mine’s the black one covered in genuine New England salt. and yeah, they’re both wearing the same wheels. Prodrive P7s. Again, for those of you who could care less about Subarus and wonder why the fuck I have gold wheels on my cars… It’s a Subaru thing. The Subaru WRC rally cars are always blue with gold wheels. they have been sicne “the beginning.” so it’s part of the subculture.

Anyways… I like my CRX. I have plans for it. it WILL be a fun car. It’s plenty fun already. I have a turbo and an intercooler for it already. my ECU is prepped for chipping, and I have pins installed for a serial port on the ECU. datalogging software and tuning software are free ( ). The software can handle fuel management for boost, and will work with any size injector (read: no need for FMU). even boost control is in the works. all the typically expensive stuff is taken care of (and I’ve only spent 50 bucks so far).

but even with a turbocharged car that only weighs 2100 lbs… I’ll miss my Subarus. I’ve promised myself a WRX late this summer. IT can’t come soon enough. but for now, it’s 1 wheel drive, baby!


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  1. November 11th, 2003 at 20:57 | #1

    You’re buying a WRX? You just got the CRX? I hope you’re making money off all these sales….

    • November 11th, 2003 at 21:10 | #2

      The CRX is dirt cheap. paytments are like 50 bucks a month. I’m savign up for the WRX. CRX is a “Get by for now” beater. reliable, cheap, insanely good on gas (33-35 mpg), and surprisingly quick. I can;t complain. but I’m definitely looking forward to the WRX. and I’m saving up for it. it’s the car I really want. I’ll be getting a used ’02 or ’03. I’m a big fan of the bug eyes. it’s the look I fell in love with 😀 . I’m expecting to pay like 14k-16k.


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  3. November 12th, 2003 at 23:01 | #5

    “but for now, it’s 1 wheel drive, baby!”

    Uh your mean 2 wheel drive, and front that is?

    -paK +28

    • November 13th, 2003 at 07:21 | #6

      It’s FWD. but it’s an open diff in front. so it’s 2 wheel drive so long as I don’t put more power down than the tires can handle. then you get wheelspin and it becomes 1 wheel drive 😀 . I’ve always seen FWD cars with open diffs referred to as “one wheel drive” since it’s so hard to launch with any decent engine speed and not do a peg-leg burnout


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