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The witch is dead

I often whine about stupid people. Especially at work. There’s one guy though whose magnitude of stupidity outshines the rest. It’s as if his vocation is deconstructing knowledge and and sensibility, and takes pride in his craft. For the purpose of anonymity we’ll call him Val Polikoff%. The extra ASCII character should mask his name sufficiently. He was our main contact at one of our larger customers, Symbol Technologies% (again, masked to give the company some privacy). Any time they would have some kind of weird networking issue that Val would call us on, we’d have to spend a day or two of what few spare resources we have to sort through it. It would invariably turn out that it was Val who had messed it up. Making “shortcuts” on routing tables or adding crap rules to access control lists. If he would have called us up and said “guys, I fucked up. Please un-fuck my network” it would have been less annoying. Anyways, I came into work this morning and found this:

click me

on one of the other operators’ desks. It made me smile. And I haven’t even had coffee yet. Apparently Symbol% is as sick of him as we are.

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  1. August 24th, 2007 at 11:44 | #1

    That’s awesome…I hope no one had that for me at any of my jobs!

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