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U got pix?

So I put some finishing touches on my photo album script yesterday. I had a couple epiphanies after spewing forth some boring nerd-babble at her (that she’s so good at putting up with). She gave me some suggestions on fit and finish that my eyes didn’t catch too. Taking this script from its original form and making it do what I wanted it to do was a great learning experience. I thought I’d post it up for the few of you that might find it interesting or useful. Feel free to use/change etc.

The script
The original

A glance at both will show I’ve added quite a bit. My script auto-generates thumbnails and stores them in a common directory instead of downloading each pic and scaling them to a suitable thumbnail size. In a directory with more than 10 pics or so it brought my pathetic upstream to a halt. I also made it represent directories with icons (instead of “not at all”) to make browsing easier. I had to split up the image subtypes to make animated GIF thumbnails behave nicely. The script is still a kludge and could probably use some refinement, but I thought I’d post it up since a few people have commented that it makes a nice slick image page.

Check out this picture directory starring my old CRX to see how it looks (I reccommend not browsing around the directories much, as many directories have images from random places on the internet that contain nasty words and such). It’s nothing flashy but does its job very well for a simple script written by a noob.

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