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I got into my first evAr “street race” tonight.

I was bebopin along in the left hand lane passing a lengthy caravan of nitwits on, and this Porsche 996 comes bombing down my lane behind me. I did not race the Porsche. (Porsche > IggDawg) == always. I pull over to let him by and watch him gracefully float by at 100+ mph like he’s riding on a massive strip of butter. so smooth. anyways… This other car comes blasting down the passing lane going slightly slower, and was presumably using the Porsche as a rabbit. the car in front of me is getting close, so I get into the passing lane. there’s another car in front of me there too. whatever. I’m in no rush. This other car, now visible as a mighty 98 Toyota Corolla CE (classic editionx0r) gets in the right to try and get around me and the car in front of me. of course he gets stuck behind the guy in the right I was getting around.

So the guy pulls in front of me. there’s 1.25 carlengths between my nose and the car in front of me’s butt. he just wiggles in without a signal. still, no big deal. I knew he was going to do it. the is MA after all. I toss him my high beams for a second, and give a quick toot on my horn. just to remind him that there are otehr cars on the road. as I flash him I notice he has two passengers. so he tosses me his flashers. WTF? no man… you didn’t. It’s not that I care if someone gives me the hazards. it’s just the sheer stupidity of the situation… that I’m letting him know he’s being a jackass and he tosses me the “I win” lights. bah. I was bored anyways. Let’s play a little.

The guy in front of him pulls to the right as we pass the guy in the right hand lane. he downshifts and takes off with all his might, as teh stench from his tailpipe and the puff of smoke let me know. Time for a new cat, kiddo. I keep it in 5th and just keep pace with him. he takes it up to a speed slightly higher than the speed limit before we get near traffic again. I was happy to just keep pace. He’s the only one that actually thinks we’re racing. The passengers in the back are all turning around pointing and laughing or something. apparently I was racing them?

Traffic lets up again, and I smell him downshift again. My exit was coming up, so I thought I’d have my fun and get on with the evening. My clutch is still a little fresh, so I baby it into 4th. He’s taking off like a bat out of hell (well, as much of a bat outa hell as a ’98 corolla CE with 2 passengers can…), and I give it about 7/10 throttle. I’m on his ass in moments and the guys in back look all surprised. I tear past him on the right like he’s standing still and toss him the hazards. I wave goodbye and take my exit.

This is the first time I’ve ever really tried to “race” someone. A mostly stock CRX Si is a capable car, but by no means a “mighty adversary.” but a stock corolla with passengers isn’t even capable. there was no competition here. I just felt like pissing off a stupid driver cause it seemed like it would be fun.

street racing is stupid
pissing off stupid drivers is counterproductive

but all the same, it did make me smile a little. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction that comes with decimating an opponent of any sort who you know has absolutely no chance in the world, be it in a car, a debate, a video game, whatever. I never do this sort of thing, so I figure one incedent won’t tarnish my karma too bad. but yeah. I won a street race. :p


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  1. November 26th, 2003 at 18:20 | #1

    hah hah….


  2. November 26th, 2003 at 23:47 | #2

    no worries. we’ve all been there. 😉 i get this all the time in TEH matrix…apparently, not too many XRS’s are found around here, so no one expects something the size of a small minivan that sounds like a sportbike to be blowing by them. some guy in a CRX tried to race me a couple weeks ago when i flashed my brights at him for hogging the left lane…a quick drop into 4th, and i never saw him again. LOL. of course it was a riced out HX. hehe…

    nonetheless, some people deserve to be taught a lesson, provided you aren’t putting the public at risk.

    • November 27th, 2003 at 06:42 | #3

      No kidding? a HF/HX/whatever CRX tried to race you? ROOFLE!! those things are optimized in every way for gas milage with a very steep cost in performance. gear ratios are terribke, and they oinly get like 60-something horsies. wow. ricers = t3h dumb 😀


      • November 27th, 2003 at 08:19 | #4

        yeah, we were coming back from the SE subaru challenge auto-x. my friend’s B4 turbo’ed L isn’t exactly, shall we say, SUBTLE at cruise (aftermarket WRX headers + a 3″ catless/resonatorless turboback with a blitz “muffler”), and it tends to attract a bit of attention from the ricer crowd, what with shooting fireballs out the back and whatnot…so of course this guy in the CRX goes into 2F2F mode (errm, rather, just floors it, makes a bunch of racket, and goes nowhere) once he passes by, and cuts me off. a dowshift to 4th plus a twitch of the right foot at highway speeds is enough to get the engine into the higher lift cam range, and as i found out then, even in 4th, it will PULL a lot more quickly than you’d expect. heh heh. highly doubtful i would do that again, seeing where 4th tops out.

        i will never understand the ricer mentality. *don’t* spend another grand (tops on a CRX at this point) to get the Si, spend $1000 on heavy rims, $200 on altezzas, $100 to get a cheap universal muffler installed, another $1000 on the stereo, $2K on a body kit/paint, etc. etc. so you can still get teh spanked…


  3. November 28th, 2003 at 22:19 | #5

    I’ve seen worse. STi and a 2003 Corolla S. Me in a family car right behind them. STi had throaty exhaust, clearly modded. One sided race.

    Oh yea, streete racing is bad mmmkAy?

    -paK +2

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