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Fux0rd. I think I completely destroyend the mounting point for the control arm where that snapped bolt was. I tried drilling it out, removing it with a bolt remover, and finally just hacking it the fuck off with a set of cold chisels. nuthin. in fact I messed up the plate the nut thingy was welded to. so now I tink I need a whole new rear crossmember. which will only be between 50-100 bucks. but still… all this for one fucking spring in the clutch assy.

and what’s the kicker you ask? there has to be a kicker. cause life doesn’t jsut mess shit up. it messes it up and makes sure there’s some evil irony involved. The original reason I was taking off the control arm was to avoid separating ball joints to remove the axle-shafts. but in order to swap out the crossmember, I have to separate a balljoint. yeah. that’s the kicker.

sorry for not being my usual jovial self.


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