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So it’s like 5:30 am now. or something. see timestamp. no sleep. dunno why. I didn’t tank up on coffee or anything. just no sleep. oh well. I got to catch up on some much needed C&C:Generals and FTP time*.

I started playing C&C: Generals yesterday when I downloaded the new Omega version of the Catalyst 3.9 drivers. finally the game wouldn’t go all jimmy-fund on me. everything would flicker and basically suck in like 4 different ways at once. so it worked now. and in the span of a few hours over 2 days I’ve got it beat. WTF? the original Command and Conquer back in the day sucked up my social life for weeks. I guess they just don’t make games like they used to. all these great 3D graphics and years worth of design experience, and the original C&C is still debatably the best.

damn. talking about video game lore WITH MYSELF at around 5:30 tuesday morning. see also: rock bottom 😀 .


*Don’t copy that floppy!!!!

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