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Crying wolf

They’ve been “testing” the fire alarm system for a week and change here for some reason. I asked a friend that worked at the company who owns the building we lease space from, and he has no idea why they’ve been doing it. Basically the alarm will sound and strobes will go off, then abruptly stop. This will happen a half dozen times, then someoen will come on the loudspeaker and state that they will be performing testing. Yeah, makes as much sense to me too. This has been going on all day every day for nearly two weeks. The thought had crossed my mind “what if there was a real fire?”. Sure enough a few days ago there were fire engines and stuff outside. Apparently there was a for-reals fire somewhere in the building and they were evacuating. We only found out about it when a coworker came into the ops center and told us that people were collecting in the mini-park out front. The general consensus was that at this point we were going to stay in the building out of spite, and jump out a window if we ended up actually having to leave.

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  1. July 4th, 2008 at 13:25 | #1

    well…im glad u didn’t have to jump out of a window 😀

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