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When escalations fail

There was recently a big issue with this one customer of ours, and the job to drive the ticket through AT&T fell in my lap. I spent around 90 minutes fighting with them to even get a ticket opened, and finally got to a person who could find the circuit I was calling in. They were reluctant to build the ticket, and I expressed to them that in the time I spent bouncing around in their system the ticket was escalated to a very high level. They asked what level that was. I replied “It’s been escalated to puppy kicking status. We have a whole lineup of puppies here, and we’re going to have to start kicking them soon if nothing gets done on this. I don’t want to kick them, but it’s part of their process. So please try and get moving on this”.

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  1. May 3rd, 2008 at 15:23 | #1


    those poor, unfortunate puppies! 🙁

    PS, I finally got Plum’s O2 sensor replaced and she’s running like new now! yay Plum! yay Civic!

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