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Repost is a repost

Reposting this since it the crossposting utility I use doesn’t seem to be triggering things to post on my friends page. And since this is announcing my new source blog I thought it worth reposting =P. I’ll try to work out why it’s not populating your friends page with my trash for future posts. For now, tell me if this IS a repost for you, since that would mean everything is working =P. So yeah. New link, then copypasta of old post

http://www.iggdawg.com/blog/index.php (yes, I know it’s still boring atm)

So I’m going to start doing the blog thing on my own server. Ain’t that some shit? It’s very conveniently located here at IggBlog. I’ll still be reading other peopels’ pages, and reading/responding to comments, here at LJ. I’m vain enough to want to read what people have to say to me, but not so vain to think that they’re actually going to register on my site. That’s my story.

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  1. August 9th, 2007 at 01:57 | #1

    Why do you people feel the need to have your own blogs?

    • August 9th, 2007 at 02:04 | #2

      nerd DB practice =P. I’ll still live on LJ.

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