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25 into 4 right over crest tightens

It snowed for once. Got to dig my car out of snow drifts in front of my place over a foot deep. that was the only truly unpleasant part of the drive in. I was literally plowing the road on the way from my place to the highway. it was just an inch or 2 over the height of the undercarriage of my car. can’t do that in RE92s. I was very glad I’ve done as much racing on loose/slick surfaces. and VERY glad I took that winter driving course at the O’Niel school. Despite the relatively untreated roads and obstacle course of overturned SUVs*, I made it into work on time and safe without having to push it. Except those few places on the back roads where I worked the e-brake a little for fun when nobody was around.

*I actually had decided to take a poll of how many SUVs vs other vehicles were crippled on the side of the road this morning. 100% SUVs. Attn – your SUV does not handle like a car. your SUV is no better in the snow than a car when you still have regular tires on your car (you brake and turn just the same as any other vehicle). Stop thinking your SUV is a tank or some kind of snow juggernaut. Hummers look pitiful in snowbanks, just like any car does.

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  1. March 18th, 2007 at 05:00 | #1

    Some days I wonder if trained baboons could do a better job of driving.

  2. March 19th, 2007 at 16:16 | #2

    We rented an SUV when we went to Colorado…but ONLY for the 4 wheel drive that came with it. (there wasn’t as much snow as we thought there was going to be…but it did come in handy on the top of the mountain.)

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