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As seen on I-Club…

February 18th, 2002 Leave a comment Go to comments

My car’s in the shop till the end of this week, and I had to take my dad’s Explorer Sport into work today. I know! It’s terrible! y’know what the worst part is?? I kinda enjoyed it!! Its cool to be up that high and feel all superior to all the little cars buzzing around you. The best part is that since al aspects of performance in it are so anemic, you have absolutely no motivation to drive aggressively. With respect to an impreza, it’s like driving a barn. I’m so used to the sports car feel that this thing just feels like a block of metal with an engine. real comfy though. Its fun to drive around a little, but I’d hate it as a daily driver. Also, it has cruise control and I don’t 🙁 .


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