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Last Wed. night in Worcester…

…The New England chapter of I-Club (NESIC) had what was supposed to be a tame little dinner. It turned out to be a huge event. 18.5 people showed up, and almost as many cars. We ate at Vinny testa’s, and after dinner we caravanned across the street to White City. We all lined up and took pictures of the cars:

notice the pretty red car in the front place =). I’m the only car there without a hood scoop. The rest are WRXs or old-school RSs.

Someone complained we were peeling out and causeing a ruckus. When the police came, I simply told them “Sir, thanks to the beauty of all wheel drive, none of us are ABLE to peel out. It must have been someone else.” They let us be and we dispersed after some conversation. It was a fun time. when most people get together they talk about politics, pop culture, personal issues… When Impreza people get together we talk about speeding tickets and racing lines.


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