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Motivate Me

One of my favorite sites that I subscribe to is The Art of Manliness. It’s not like GQ, Maxim, or macho type manliness… More like “the lost art of being a real man and a gentleman”. It centers in on Integrity, physical and mental fitness, style, relationships, career, and everyday tips for things men deal with. It’s really a stellar site. One of the things they do from time to time is historic themed motivational posters that center in on some of history’s greatest men. I thought I’d post a couple here. Of course every man has his foibles, so let’s just leave those at the door. These focus in on what they had to offer as men, and what they did to live their lives as great men.

Theodore Roosevelt

George Patton

Winston Churchill

These all remind me of one of me of some of the Courage Wolf memes. Unlike the original Advice Dog memes, a lot of what courage wolf has to say can be thought of as actual motivation or direction. Among my favorites, and the one that specifically reminds me of the Art of Manliness threads:

The only way I ever excel at anything is by biting off more than I can chew, then chewing it. Failing if I have to, learning from it, and being able to take a bigger bite next time. I rarely excel by slowly building up to an achievement. Resolve: Fuck yeah.

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  1. October 5th, 2009 at 18:01 | #1

    Churchill was a sharp, sharp guy. He cracks me up. He’s got some definite good quotage, obviously.

    I had no idea this page existed. It’s really kinda sweet :p

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